MAPLEWOOD, NJ - Words Bookstore in Maplewood is excited to be hosting former South Orange resident Lauren D. Fraser, author of the adventure novel, Trinity.

Fraser will be speaking and signing books on October 6 from 4-4:30 at Words in Maplewood. She will discuss her inspirational travels to Scotland, her experiences in New Jersey, and how she brought her vivid imagination to life in this exciting adventure series for readers of all ages.

“I've written something every single day since I was about 5 years old,” recalls Fraser, “Trinity was a story that had been a part of me since I was a teenager.  I needed to tell it and let my imagination unfurl on the page.”

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In 2009, Fraser traveled to Scotland with her husband, Andrew, who was born in Edinburgh.  Inspired by the mystical qualities of the Scottish landscape, she set out to write Trinity.  

“The places in Scotland I write about in my book are places I have experienced first-hand,” says Fraser. “It’s almost overwhelming to be in a place with so much history and so much natural beauty.”

Trinity is a story about three sisters who discover they are destined for much more than the ordinary, teenaged lives they are currently living. Complete with fairies, magic, young love and the struggles of teenaged girls called upon to become young women, Trinity is a fantasy, adventure novel for readers of all ages.

Trinity, has been on Amazon’s top 100 young adult best sellers, since its release in November, and is currently ranked number two for top sales in the Young Adult category.   Fraser is currently in the process of writing the sequel to Trinity, Queen Maker.

“I have felt so much support from the local community already,” says Fraser. “I would love to meet the fans who have made it a hit, and I hope to meet some new readers ready for this adventure.