For business owners, authors, artists, entrepreneurs or nonprofit organizations, learning to attract the favorable publicity you want and deserve in a competitive marketplace is no easy task. The process can be time-consuming, labor intensive and also expensive; especially if one doesn't have a clear sense of expectations about interactions with the media or a well defined call-to-action on the part of target demographics.

In a perfect world, these individuals could simply hang out a shiny shingle, invent a fun product or write a page-turning novel and their buyers would be falling all over themselves just to be the first in line. In an imperfect, noisy and chaotic world such as ours, however, the quest for consumers’ attention moves at such a feverish pace that he or she who hesitates to compete will quickly get lost in the shuffle. And that happens all too often.

In Outskirt Press’ recent release "Media Magnetism – How to Attract the Favorable Publicity You Want and Deserve", Peter Kelly and Jeremiah Sullivan, co-owners of the Woodbridge-based public relations and marketing team Framework Media Strategies, serve alongside other select professionals as author Christina Hamlett’s media relations experts. In the text, the team calls upon their past experiences and best advice to help business leaders, entrepreneurs and others understand how they can attract and maximize great publicity opportunities for their business, product or cause.

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Led by two Seton Hall University alumni, Framework Media Strategies is an emerging public relations and marketing team currently helping clients address their business goals by calling upon a blend of new media and Web 2.0 tools, as well as traditional marketing and public relations tactics, to craft and implement strategic communication plans.  The team currently offers select services including new media assistance, publicity and creative print and digital design. To date, for clients Framework Media Strategies has built social media presences, acquired numerous media opportunities, launched websites and created digital and print designs. Currently serving as integrated communication experts , the team first got their start helping emerging musicians in the tri-state area, as well as top college radio station 89.5 WSOU-FM in South Orange, effectively market their product.

In the book, Kelly and Sullivan's expertise is cited numerous times with specific emphasis on topics including: new media tools and technologies vs. traditional media strategies, the digital portfolio, event photography, a social media "road trip", RSS and the entrepreneur and video streaming.

Some of Kelly and Sullivan’s quotes from the book include:

“…The most important thing today’s business owners can do is sit down and realize that there really is a distinct difference between (using) new media tools and technologies vs. traditional media tactics,” Sullivan says. “The fervor behind new media tools isn’t a fad; it’s very real and something that forward thinking business owners just can’t afford to ignore.”

“Whether it’s the correct lighting and technical planning of a stationary shoot or the candid nature of a media event, photographers and videographers must be ready for the unexpected,” Kelly notes. “It’s often those unscripted moments that can offer the best opportunities.”

“We live in an age where our society demands instantaneous and continuous information sharing. Is it any major surprise then that online portfolios are rapidly gaining in popularity over drop-off or mailed materials, newsletters or corporate reports,” Sullivan shares. “We as a culture, specifically in business settings, have a thirst for data, data and more data.”

“Social media has also provided small, budding businesses a shot at their own media relations voice,” Kelly says. “Ten years ago, the idea of creating a media outreach plan that was focus solely on mobile devices users would be unheard of but today it is a reality.”

Now available at as well as Barnes and Noble, Hamlett’s Media Magnetism covers all aspects of today's media relations practice and provides “been there/done that” tips, resources and guidelines on how readers can:

  • Make influential connections
  • Become sound-bite savvy
  • Endear yourself to reporters
  • Work with photographers and videographers
  • Survive awkward moments
  • Use social media wisely
  • Choose your on-camera wardrobe
  • Design your own advertising
  • Manage a cost-effective campaign

Along with their fellow contributors, the Framework Media Strategies team will also be penning guest blogs to delve deeper into the expertise they have already shared in print. First, Sullivan’s September blogpost will share some tips on using Twitter more effectively. In October,  or the entrepreneurs, new products and organizations that are eager to leave a lasting impression with their potential customers, Kelly's post will illustrate the importance of creative, strategic design.

For those interested in learning more about Framework Media Strategies, log on to

Interested in reviewing Media Magnetism – How to Attract the Favorable Publicity You Want and Deserve? Please contact author Christina Hamlett at for more information on how to obtain a copy. The book's interactive website can be found at; additionally, customer reviews of this recent release from Outskirts Press can be found here.