SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - The South Orange Chamber of Commerce hosted a networking after-work happy hour event at Bunny's Restaurant and Sports Bar on Tuesday.  The well-attended event gave local businesspeople an opportunity to both make new connections and see some old friends, while sampling an array of tast food provided by Bunny's.

Chamber President, Kennth Cucchia, CEO of, was pleased witht the turnout, which had the front area of the restaurant near capacity.  "This is a great showing. I wasn't sure what to expect, with the weather today being less than ideal," Cucchia said.

Bunny's proprietor, Leslie Pogany, took the opportunity to thank everyone for coming and to introduce three candidates for South Orange Board of Trustees who were in attendance, Stephen Schnall (of the "South Orange 2013" slate), and Kelly Sullivan and Geraldine Mehu (of the "Village First" slate).

Village President, Alex Torpey, was on hand and thanked the crowd for being active in local matters and "giving back to the commnity."