SOUTH ORANGE, NJ – Local resident Christopher Burtt was recovering from back surgery earlier this year when he struck upon the idea for a new card game based on his experiences, which he has called “Back Up!,” and is marketing independently through the new company he started, Get Well Games.

“I had thought about starting my own company for a while, but was waiting for the right idea,” said Burtt.  “I was laid up, and a neighbor told me about a woman who created a game to help herself recover from a concussion, and I thought, I could do something like that for people with back pain.”

He initially envisioned a board game, but quickly realized he would not be able to play a board game easily in bed, so switched it to a card game. The end product is a fun game with both humor and strategy, and would make an excellent gift for people with back injuries. Burtt is marketing the game on his own website and at local chiropractors’ offices.

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Prior to starting Get Well Games, Burtt was in product management fro a digital signage company.  In the time he spent recovering from surgery, he realized he did not want to go back to his job.  As an MBA with an entrepreneurial spirit, he decided this was the right time to start his own company.

“I have always loved games,” Burtt said.  “When I invented the game and was playing it myself, I knew that other people would like it, too.”  Burtt developed the concept and designed the graphics himself and found a card manufacturer to make a reality of what Burtt calls “a humorous diversion for anyone experiencing back issues.” 

To learn more, or purchase the game, visit:!.html