Health Innovations- An Easy Way to Video Chat with your Doctor

Finally--you’ve found a great doctor; one who is intelligent, thorough and caring. After months of seeking treatment, you’ve been properly diagnosed and given an effective treatment plan. But then, life happens; whether it be a career change, moving away, a busy work schedule, or other complications.  It’s no longer convenient to visit your doctor, at least not as frequently as recommended. Many people find themselves in this situation, and due to life’s difficulties, they are at risk of compromising their health or having to search for a new physician. Now, with telemedicine, you can stick with your doctor and have remote visits via a video chat, just like FaceTiming or Skyping your friends and family.

This capability is possible due to the following key components:  

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Laws that allow doctors to charge for telemedicine visits and be reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial insurance providers

The amazing capability available in today’s smartphones (either iPhone or Android) and remote services via the cloud (like Amazon Web Services)

Beam Health’s HIPAA compliant app that makes it easy for a doctor to provide the convenience of telehealth to their patients

Your doctor can register their practice on Beam for free and market themselves to their patients via text message.

You can see the doctor now:

With Beam, you don’t have to download an app on your phone! When your doctor is ready to see you, they can simply text you a link to a secure video appointment. Unlike other telemedicine solutions, Beam allows you to connect with your doctor, rather than a different physician that you are new to. Depending on your doctor’s preference, you will be asked to pay a set fee or your insurance plan’s co-pay amount, similar to how you would pay for an in-patient visit.


Facing a health scare can be daunting, and finding the right doctor is of the utmost importance to get on the road to recovery. Once you find that doctor, it’s important that you can access them when you need to--even if you have to move away, or if the doctor’s office isn’t close to your home, or if you don’t feel well enough to travel. That’s where telemedicine comes in.

That being said, traditional telemedicine has been daunting for both doctors and their patients.  Due to the high financial cost and challenging infrastructure of most telemedicine software solutions, telemedicine was provided primarily by specific telehealth practices that employ their own doctors. With Beam, all doctors now have a better, easier, telemedicine option.


This latest technology is brought to you by Beam Health Group, LLC, co-founded by Holmdel’s very own Sas Ponnapalli and his friend and fellow Holmdel High School graduate Ranga Jayawardena.

Growing up with health issues in his family, Sas knows firsthand the challenges of navigating the healthcare system.  After receiving his undergraduate degree in Bioengineering and Computer Science from the University of Illinois, and working with big tech firms, he decided to join Silicon Valley’s digital health startup community. Ranga found his way to the healthcare system through a career in sales and procurement in the pharmaceutical industry, where he saw the challenges that patients face in accessing quality healthcare and adhering to treatment plans.

In 2018 Sas, brought his experience and mission to help patients, back to the east coast, where he started Beam Health with Ranga.  Fortunate for us, because now we have a way to consult with our very own doctors from the convenience of our phones. We get to use the advancements in smartphone technology for more than social media and staying connected with friends; we get to use it for our health.

Sas and Ranga were back in Holmdel last week at Bell Works to accept an award as “2019 Innovators to Watch” at the NJ Tech Council Future Forum on Healthcare + Innovation. Indeed it will be interesting to watch as these two continue to tackle the issues we face in today’s medical environment.

About Beam Health:

Beam is the first pay-as-you-scale digital health app that helps small medical practices earn revenue and save time by avoiding the operational headache of needing to schedule an appointment.   Any healthcare provider or practice can download the mobile app Beam Health and register their practice. Beam Health’s team also runs marketing campaigns for participating doctors, for free! Beam collects $10 after each consult, and the doctor keeps the rest of the revenue generated from the appointment. For more information, visit, email or call +1 (909) 314-2574.

About this Series:

The past decade has been an amazing time in technological innovation, but healthcare has been lagging far behind, until recently.  Jeanne Wall wrote about Hackensack Meridian Health’s think tank, the “Bear’s Den” for TAPinto.  This series highlights those technologies and companies in our region revolutionizing healthcare, making a difference in the lives of patients, and their doctors.

About the Author

Emily Nikoo is an innovative product leader in technology, focused on patient experience. Her journey began in the space program and then cable television, media & entertainment (most recently at Comcast Business).  After years of being a caregiver, Emily experienced firsthand how technology is lacking in the healthcare journey. To help drive innovative patient technology, and support nonprofit organizations in the community, she formed “The Nikoo Group”.

Emily earned her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and Masters of Electrical Engineering at the University of Houston.