MIDDLETOWN, NJ:  In a statement just released to TAPinto Middletown, the Middletown Mayor Tony Perry requests the following:

"I was recently made aware of some disturbing comments made by Ms. Jeana Sager, a candidate for the Middletown Township Committee. During a video interview recorded outside of Town Hall, Ms. Sager makes several wildly offensive comments, the most disturbing of which she emphatically states her belief that “a lot of police officers are criminals.” She also admits that she is unable to campaign with integrity and truthfully explain her positions to the voters by stating she needs to be careful” with what she says in order to be elected.  Ms. Sager’s comments are both disgusting and dangerous. I cannot fathom how any individual seeking public office can make such statements when the role she desires would work so closely with the incredible men and woman of our police department. Especially when Middletown was recently ranked as the safest town in New Jersey and one of the safest in America. As Mayor, I am demanding that Ms. Sager withdraw her name from consideration for the Middletown Township Committee and I call on her running mate to denounce her hateful comments." Mayor Tony Perry

Deputy Mayor Tony Fiore adds, "

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"As an elected official for the past decade in Middletown Township, I find candidate Jeana Sager's remarks that "many police are criminals" digusting and highly offensive.  We are fortunate to live in one of the safest towns in America thanks to the efforts of our men and women in blue and they derserve this community's undying support and admiration for the job they continue to do.  As a father, volunteer coach, and advocate for our Municipal Drug and Alcohol Alliance for Substance Abuse and Prevention, I am equally disturbed with Ms. Sager's covert plan if elected to decriminalize drugs and create safe injection sites and needle exchanges within this community.   These liberal reckless policies have no place within our town, our county or anywhere in our state.  Our children should not be taught that it's ok to inject drugs because we make it safe or be forced to walk over hyperdermic needles on the way to school or while playing in our parks as children in San Francisco and other social utopias are being forced to do. I can only hope that the local and state leadership from across the aisle does not share in these dangerous and disturbing ideologies about public safety and will renounce Ms. Sager's candidacy for the good and decency of the community and the electorate." Deputy Mayor Tony Fiore  

TAPinto Middletown has reached out to Sager requesting a response to Mayor Perry's call for action and the comments Sager made on the video with regard to law enforcement officials. Below is the referenced video that is being circulated on various social media sites and provided to TAPinto Middletown: