MIDDLETOWN, NJ: Kyle Murray's smile is contagious, bringing joy to so many. He brought joy in a big way on September 20th. It was the day Kyle (affectionately nicknamed Bear) had his photo shown in Times Square on the Jumbotron for the annual National Down Syndrome Society’s Buddy Walk. . Please 'like' the National Down Syndrome Society page on Facebook to view the webcast!!  Kyle's photo was shown at the rescheduled date and time of September 20, between 12:30 and 12:40 EST.  Due to some technical difficulty last weekend the video could not be shown when originally scheduled. Please watch and enjoy the many beautiful faces of the Down Syndrome family HERE on Facebook!  Due to COVID-19, Kyle and his family couldn’t go into New York City to celebrate on National Down Syndrome Society's Buddy Walk last week, so Middletown’s First Responders surprised him with a car parade through his neighborhood in the Ideal Beach section of Middletown. WATCH CLIP OF PARADE HELD HERE: