Freeholder Kiley (who is from Hazlet) emphasized publicizing a grant program for $10,000 for businesses affected by COVID-19. She is trying to make sure that local businesses know that there is ready money available as a grant. Apply today if you are a business who was affected by COVID-19. "There is still a lot of money there." said Kiley.

HAZLET, NJ - It was a nice crowd of local, county and state republicans at the Grammercy in Hazlet on Wednesday. The Hazlet Republican Organization gathered to meet with their peers, including long time Committeeman Michael Sachs, who is running for re-election in Hazlet. Also in attendance was Assemblyman Gerry ScharfenbergerFreeholder Sue Kiley and other friends and neighbors in Hazlet, Holmdel, Keyport and beyond.

The meeting moved at a quick pace. Starting with the Pledge of Allegiance, they introduced new members and guests from the area. Soon after, an energetic special guest bounded to the front. Jack Ciattarelli. He had earlier attended a republican fundraiser 'clay shoot' in Hunterdon County, where he was a sponsor.

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Ciattarelli served as a Councilman, Freeholder and Assemblyman. He ran seven races and won them all in areas where democrat registrations were high. Now, he is in his second run for New Jersey's highest office, Governor. While he articulated a number of policy positions and facts about the state, he first thanked the club and discussed the importance of voting for the current 2020 slate of candidates from Trump on down. 

"Congratulations to the Hazlet Republican Club and its new members. Welcome. It's always great to see new members. Congratulations to the people who are running for local office. It takes a lot of courage to run for local office." said Ciattarelli. "You've got one heck of an Assemblyman. Gerry Scharfenberger has hit the ground running. I think one of the things that makes the Monmouth County Republican Organization as well as your local organization great is that you've got such a deep bench. You guys are doing a magnificent job. You win elections because you recruit the right candidates."

On his proposed opponent next year, Governor Murphy, he said, "He wasn't born here, he wasn't raised here, he didn't go to college here, he never owned a business here, he's not NJ, he's not Monmouth County and in fourteen months he's not going to be the Governor of New Jersey." He went on to list issues that he believes hurt the state and what he plans to do.

"I've always talked about the things we all agree on. And there are certain things that all New Jerseyans agree on. We all agree that we can no longer the state with the worst property taxes in the nation. We can no longer be the state with the worst business climate in the nation. That's not hyperbole. That's not rhetoric. We are in fact the worst business climate in the nation. We have the second worst public pension problem in the nation and no other state in the nation does affordable housing the way we do and we know that that is doing to our suburbs. And I promise you this. Those four issues will have my laser focus. Because that's the secret to fixing our broken state. Which is why the motto for the campaign is 'Let's Fix New Jersey. Let's fix New Jersey." said Ciattarelli.

Assemblyman Scharfenberger also took the floor and discussed the experience of working in Trenton and policy issues that he is working on. One of them is the highly popular Regional Contribution Agreements that were part and parcel of local affordable housing plans years ago in Monmouth County. He is introducing a bill on it. "RCA's were in place years ago, where you could take 50% of your quota and rehab existing housing in a regional area. So Middletown did it with Red Bank, Long Branch and elsewhere and you are able to rehab where there is transportation and where there are jobs and it really made sense.  I'm trying to bring back a little common sense." said Scharfenberger.

The meeting included a question and answer period and some networking afterwards.