Top Tips for Renting the Perfect Limo

Top Tips for Renting the Perfect Limo – If you’re planning a wedding or prom, you know that transportation is a main factor. Booking your limousine in advance is critical to ensuring you get the type of limo you want on the day you want. Check out these tips to renting the perfect limo for your event:

  1. Book ahead of time. As soon as you get the date for your event, call the limo company. Ideally, this should be a month to two months in advance, especially if the event, such as a wedding, is taking place in peak season. That would be May and June.
  2. Book on a weekday. We know it’s not always possible to plan when your event will fall, but if possible, go with a weekday for cheaper transportation rates. You’ll typically see cheaper rates for weekdays over weekends. For example, prime-time Saturday nights are pricier than a Monday evening, for instance. All Occasion Limo does NOT charge higher rates on weekends.
  3. Fill the car. Don’t waste your money on a full limo for two people (unless of course, it’s for your wedding). Most limos charge by car, not by person, so you might as fill it up with people. Six-passenger cars are more affordable than eight and 10 passenger cars. If you need an additional price break, ask what it would cost for an older model limo. You may get a discount here. Just make sure it’s still in good condition.
  4. Ask about all the hidden fees. Most limo companies will quote you a base price, then tack on the fuel charges, toll fees, parking fees, etc. on top of that. You’ll pay more for greater distances and time allotments. And don’t forget to add in the gratuity for the driver. When quoted a price, make sure that price includes everything so you’re not surprised later. Any reputable limo company will be upfront about their fees.
  5. Negotiate more than the price tag. Most limo companies charge around the same hourly rate, depending on the vehicle type and size. However, there are other things you can negotiate into your price, such as alcohol, appetizers and even disposable cameras. These bundled packages will increase your price, but they may save you time and money in the long run if you were going to purchase them anyway. To get the price down, you can tell them you don’t want any extra perks.
  6. Look into the background of the limo company and drivers. All companies must have a license and insurance. But make sure you check the background of the driver you will get. Here at All Occasion Limousine, our chauffeurs go through a background check, an extensive review of their driving records, and reference checks. In addition, each driver is required to carry a copy of our $1.5 million dollar insurance policy, plus undergo regular classes through our insurance company.

Looking to rent the perfect limo? We have it here at All Occasion Limousine. Call us today to ask questions and book your choice of limos, cars or vans at 732-264-2057.