COLTS NECK, NJ - If you enjoy discussing world history, technology and playing fun games like Fort Nite, you have something in common with Jesse Alexander Caneiro, 11. He is the son of Keith and Jennifer Caneiro.

"When I think of Jesse~I think of his uniquely Jesse raspy voice, polite demeanor, hard working spirit, enthusiasm for playing games with his friends, and most of all his love for his family. In first grade, Jesse loved to read, write and solve math problems and I loved watching him learn and grow. Jesse along with his family have touched my soul as a teacher and a parent forever. I am grateful to have been part of his life." Wrote Jesse's First Grade Teacher Mrs. Mastroianni on a tribute page.

Maybe you are part of your local scouts program in town. Sophia Alexis Caneiro, 8, was as well. She participated in Colts Neck Girl Scouts. Sophia was a 3rd grade student at Conover Road School, Colts Neck. She also participated in the Colts Neck Recreation program and she loved taking Ninja classes. She is Keith and Jennifer Caneiro's daughter.

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"There are no words. Sophie was a sweet, spunky, bundle of joy in my music classroom. I'm sorry I had such little time with her. She was kind, patient, and helpful. Her joy was contagious. We will miss her!" Wrote a teacher.

A little more about Sophia. She enjoyed baking with her mom and her nanny Claudia. She loved ice skating, gymnastics and the New York Yankees. Sophia was a vibrant, enthusiastic and precocious girl, who enjoyed the arts. Her positive energy was contagious. Her older brother Jesse was the family historian. He was  comfortable discussing world events with anyone. A WWII Veteran could have a conversation with Jesse.

A little more about Jesse. Jesse was a 5th grade student at Conover Road School, Colts Neck. He excelled in history, especially WWI and WWII. Jesse enjoyed technology and learning about all the functions of the latest computers, phones and watches. He loved to play the video game fort night and building amazing structures with Legos. Jesse also participated in the Colts Neck Recreation Sports programs. These programs connect children and families and make so many loving memories.

Like so many proud parents, their children are the most important aspect of their lives. So true with Keith and Jennifer Caneiro. Loving parents whose family photos and moments express the true joy and love of parenthood.

Jennifer Caneiro, Jesse and Sophia's mom, surrounded the children with her love. She was active in the local Colts Neck PTO which kept her ever so close to her children and ensured she could be there for them as they were educated in the Colts Neck School System. Jennifer was a smart lady, having graduated from the University of Albany. Education was so important to her and her family. And what a joy to see your children every day.

"Jennifer savored the times she could share in Jesse's school life and expressed her joy in doing so. Jennifer's involvement was a win for everyone at Jesse's school. To see her at school with her son was heartwarming. Jennifer's beautiful way of expressing her love and appreciation is a gift, showing by example the power of love & gratitude. I am forever grateful for knowing Jennifer through her beautiful son, Jesse." wrote Lisa Mastroianni, Jesse's First Grade Teacher.

This time of year was so important to Jennifer as she was known to bring together the family and friends for every holiday gathering. She worked hard to keep up with the energy of little ones and was known to exercise often and spend quality time at the beach with her children and husband Keith. She even made sure they went back to their special place, Greece.

Keith Caneiro, the loving husband to Jennifer and dad to Jesse and Sophia, had it all. The gift of a beautiful, healthy family and a wonderful place to live and raise their children in Colts Neck. What more could you want in a man's life?

Keith loved spending time with his family and his dog Sydney in Greece and New Jersey. He was an altruistic person who would help everyone and anyone who needed his assistance. Such a rarity. Keith enjoyed the Aspire Gym, Colts Neck. He was an avid reader, often reading 3 or 4 books in a week. He was a passionate sports fan and a loving husband and father. He was also brilliant and a hard working provider to the family he cherished. A smart guy who earned his undergraduate and Master's Degree from Columbia University.

Keith's teacher posted on his obituary, "It was a privilege having Keith as a student at Columbia during his Masters study. He was a leader, and an excellent student. He helped others understand topics that were new to them, and he added depth and insight for the entire cohort."

Most recently he was the CEO of Square One in Asbury Park. Tech savvy and entrepreneurial, Keith navigated the coporate world to grow his businesses and provide for Jennifer, Jesse and Sophia.

With countless friends and folks who love them, the Caneiro family was respected in the community they called home. Keith, Jennifer, Jesse and Sophia also shared something that is too often elusive today. They shared the love, respect and affection of  each other. A local family, living and loving their lives, one day at a time.


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A memorial gathering will be Sunday, December 2nd, 12 noon until the funeral service at 3 pm at the Holmdel Funeral Home, 26 South Holmdel Road, Holmdel. In lieu of flowers please make contributions in the Caneiro family’s honor by donating to Reach Out & Read, or Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness, Research & Support,

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