Nearly 60% of the student body is now back in their classrooms in person. A trend expected to increase.

HOLMDEL, NJ - Holmdel schools - fully open to in-school education 5 days a week -  are sharing data with parents and the community to provide a clear picture of positive COVID-19 cases in the schools. Nearly half of the positive cases are already virtual. Of the approximate student body of 3000, about 1% became positive for COVID-19 as of January 12th, 2021.

According to the information posted on the website, "of the 18 students who tested positive at the High School, 12 are full time virtual and not attending school in person.  Of the 7 positive cases at Satz, 2 are full time virtual and not attending school in person.  Of the 7 cases at Indian Hill, 1 is full time virtual.  For Village, the one student is in person."

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Holmdel schools have approximately 3000 students and have resumed full time in school education. They join most of the parochial schools who have been full time already.

Public schools are a different story. The largest teacher's union, NJEA, has publicly and aggressively lobbied to keep students and their members remote only. Although the Governor and many experts across the country say students should be back in school, public students across the state continue to be locked out of their classrooms and forced into a remote environment from home by decisions made locally in each district.

An example is the Scotch Plains/Fanwood district where former Holmdel Schools Superintendent Robert McGarry now works as an Assistant Superintendent. His district was recently served with a lawsuit from parents who are furious that the schools are still not open like Holmdel.

Many urban area students are also remote such as Newark, Trenton and Jersey City. They plan to stay that way for months. These districts are more than a place to learn, they are a primary source of food for many students during the day which compounds the challenge for parents and caregivers trying to work and care for their families.

Holmdel invested heavily in the health and safety of students and staff. You can read one of the updates HERE. Based on the information released from the district on Friday, the decisions of the Holmdel Board of Education continue to pay dividends.

 "As of January 12, 2021, approximately 1% of our students have tested positive for Covid 19. This number includes both students who attend school and those who are learning virtually. This is significant since 15 of the 33 students who tested positive were full time virtual and were not attending school.  We will continue to update these figures every Wednesday."

At the board reorganization meeting, Dr Seitz, in his superintendent report, said that nearly 60% of the students were back to school in person.

The district asks that families needing more information contact the building principal of their student’s school.

Publisher's note: A family member of the publisher of this online newspaper serves on the Holmdel Board of Education.