MONMOUTH COUNTY: The Navesink Business Group (NBG), held their bi-monthly 8:00am meeting Wednesday, May 15th, at the West Side Eatery in Red Bank.

Rob Lowe, Executive Director of the NBG and Branch Manager of Family First Funding, opened the meeting by introducing Anna-Maria Pitella, a family law/mediator attorney.

Pitella’s practice concentrates on family law matters in Monmouth and Ocean counties. Family law includes the negotiation and mediation of issues relating to divorce and separation, custody and child support, asset and property distribution, and premarital agreements.

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Focusing on what is called the “Collaborative Process,” Pitella explained that this method avoids long, difficult and expensive legal battles and instead she looks to create a personal, cost-effective solution for each family. 

Pitella said, “Divorce is not just about one thing.  There’s an emotional, legal and financial piece to it. And if you don’t address all three of those areas, that’s what creates all the adversity that goes to litigation.”

In the collaboration process, they use a divorce coach who can be a licensed family or marital therapist, a psychologist and even a psychiatrist if the situation calls for it.  “This is the person that tamps down the emotions.  People don’t listen when they’re in a divorce.  They have a mind set and they think they’re going to get what they want, when they want it, and how they want it and they are not listening to what’s happening on the other side.  All it does is bring people to court to get someone (a judge), to make decisions for them,” said Pitella.

Children are a major focus of the collaborative process which includes creating a durable document that both parties will review and sign off on, including a review process. Pitella said, “The kids you have today are not going to be the kids you’re going to have in 5 or 10 years, they’re going to have different needs, so that’s going to be adjusted as necessary.”

Pitella discussed how the collaborators will work together to fashion a solution agreeable to  both parties and present them with the most viable options for a successful divorce.

Summing up, “A lot of good things can happen in the right process, with the right professionals who are not going to incite or antagonize or create more difficulty than is necessary.  A family has to stay a family even after divorce, especially if you have kids.  You have to leave with dignity, comfort, security.  You don’t want this to be a worse experience,” said Pitella.  

Divorce can be very intense and brutal.  Divorce is a painful, life-altering event like death – but without any of the support or rituals.

If you or a friend or someone in your family find themselves in such a situation, have them reach out to Anna-Maria Pitella and her collaboration team for a consultation.

Wrapping up the meeting, the local NBG business entrepreneurs each offered a two-minute pitch on their company and services.  Several thanked, praised and recommended other NBG members for the services that they themselves had used.

New NBG member Danielle Caracci, owner of Loving Cup Mobile Grooming, was introduced and handed out small goody bags of dog treats.  

What works?  Networking works!

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