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MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ: Monmouth University freshman Georgette "GiGi" 18, has a passion for singing, declaring Music Industry as her major, she is dedicated to the arts. While back on campus to begin moving items out of her dorm, it was an emotional roller coaster. 

"There are so many emotions here today being back on campus since virtual learning began. Today we are beginning to move out of the dorms at staggered times, and no one getting to see each other as we all practice social distancing. I feel so sad for all the families suffering the loss of loved ones, people who are really isolated, the front line workers sacrificing for us every day. I'm worried about our country, the world, and at the same time I'm hopeful that we can come back stronger. Music has the ability to bring light, sometimes it can spark hope. If I can make even one person feel a little better with my voice, then I've accomplished something." GiGi commented. 

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In just under ten minutes, she sang a few tunes a cappella, from the library balcony, a two minute walk from the dorm she's moving out of. "I thought about singing behind Wilson Hall today and I couldn't even get into the area. It was blocked off at every entrance, with caution tape, due to the pandemic. I've spent many hours in the library this past year studying, and passing by it today I saw it in a new light, as a place to sing, and the acoustics were great! I can't wait to come back and sing in the fall."  

Ave Maria, by GiGi, at the M.U. Library:


A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, sung by GiGi:

The National Anthem, sung by GiGi: 

"I can't wait to sing with the choir here again. We have a fantastic music department at Monmouth U.  I wish everyone everywhere joy in the simple things, and to feel hope. We are all in this together!" GiGi.

You can follow GiGi on Instagram @GiGiSings