TEAM LIFE, INC. TO PRESENT SAVE STATION ON JUNE 13 “Anyone Can Be a Hero Open House” Colts Neck, NJ - ​May 30, 2019 Team Life, a medical training provider and safety equipment supplier with offices in Colts Neck, Middlesex, and Cherry Hill, NJ, has recently installed a Save Station AED​ outside of their Colts Neck office.  On June 13, from 2pm to 6pm at its Colts Neck location, Team Life will be hosting an “Anyone Can Be a Hero Open House”​ to introduce and celebrate the groundbreaking installation of a public Save Station. People will be able to view the Save Station, as well as other devices at the Colts Neck location. The official unveiling of the Save Station will be held at 5pm. There will be food, beverages, and a guided training on how to operate this cutting-edge​ yet easy-to-use​ technology. A fully charged AED held inside the Save Station that is made to withstand cold and hot temperatures, as well as any precipitation, to ensure it is ready to save a life in any weather condition, 24/7. Anybody will be able to use the Save Station in the event that a nearby emergency occurs, thus dramatically increasing the chances of survival.  “Be prepared with TeamLife” In America, on average, 1,000 people will suffer Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and only 5-7% will survive. Most of these people in Cardiac Arrest will not​ receive CPR prior to Emergency Services arriving and even fewer will have an AED applied. Every minute that passes without CPR and the use of an AED decreases survival by 10%, according to the American Heart Association. TeamLife’s Save Station may provide critical aid to improve these odds. Team Life is one of the most trusted names in emergency health training and products offering hundreds of courses a year to both beginners who just want to be prepared and emergency health care professionals that work with patients every day. We hope you will be able to join us at the “Anyone Can Be a Hero Open House”​ to learn more about the Save Station.  Contact us 732-946-4243 jim@teamlife.com291 NJ-