During rush hour every evening, your bus is one of more than 1,200 NJ TRANSIT bus departures from the Port Authority Bus Terminal. In this video, we go behind the scenes of the world’s busiest bus terminal to see the incredible team effort that keeps all these buses moving.

The Port Authority Bus Terminal services more than 260,000 daily customers for both local and long-distance buses. Although it’s common to see NJ TRANSIT employees operating buses and staffing our customer service windows, other operations staff you probably never notice are positioned at strategic points throughout the terminal to make sure your bus is at your platform on time.

Alicia Arinaitwe, our Director of NY Terminal Operations, compares it to “trying to perform a ballet while playing a game of chess.” She works daily to help her team ensure that the flow of buses and passengers goes as smoothly as possible.

Our tip for a better trip: When arriving at your gate, move as close to the front of the waiting area as possible to make room for fellow customers, and keep elevators and escalators clear.