The Monmouth Film Festival (MFF) loves to share films from all around the world, but of course they never want to forget where they came from. With the film industry exploding once again in New Jersey, the MFF is very excited to highlight some of the local films they are featuring this year. Sometimes you don’t need to go far to find incredible talent and the MFF wants everyone to see that you can be inspired to make an amazing film right in your own "backyard." So many of the independent films shown, this year and in the past, were filmed in NJ, or from directors born and raised here. Coming from the eyes of creators who grew up in the area really helps capture the essence of what NJ is all about. Plus, they know exactly where to go to find the tone they are looking for. Although these films can be intriguing and relatable to anyone, they hold a special place in the hearts of those who call it home and can spot the easter eggs that only a true Jersey native would understand.

Below you will find a list of some Jersey shorts being featured this year at the 4th annual festival, and for even more local love check out this Q&A with director Gerard Zarra about his award winning film, The Tramcar Girl, set in Wildwood, NJ.

See all the local films featured this year here, as well as those premiering in NJ for the first time! Save your seats now!