This is a FREE, FUN, EXCITING and CREATIVE project for your budding script writer!

Now accepting submissions to Make It Together!... a FREE brand-new national online script-to-video project!

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Find yourself with extra time on your hands these days?

Ever dream of having professional actors and directors make a movie that YOU wrote? Do you just love to create? Well, you're in luck! You write the script and let the actors make the video! 

 CHECK OUT the HILARIOUS first video TOO MANY SEALS! from our Make It Together! project...written by an 11 year old Middletown resident!


The Middletown Arts Center is incredibly proud to announce that we will be originating this unique NATIONAL collaboration between artists, arts organizations and families everywhere.

Just send us a short script, up to three minutes max in length (about five pages). You can click the PDF below for an idea of how to format it, but don't sweat it too much, we'll figure it out. We're trained professionals!

Every week, we'll pick a simple story situation to get you started. From there, our teams of performers, directors, and editors will select your scripts (as many as we can!) as the blueprints to make outrageous, beautiful, silly masterpieces.

NO WRONG ANSWERS! This is NOT a competition or a place for aspiring playwrights to be discovered (for that click here). This is a chance for kids and families to connect with some great artists and just make something for the sake of making something - the online equivalent of a rainy day DIY craft project, but you get to make it with pros!

Make sure your script has your first name and last initial, age, town and state. 

NOTE: Please use a family account. Some school chromebooks/laptops block outgoing emails.  Send us your treasure story scripts at:                                       Click here to see sample script: DOWNLOAD ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (PDF)