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A message from Mr. Ray Andersen,

Hi everyone... I hope you and your loved ones are all healthy in body, mind and spirit, in these surreal times.....if not, I pray that you & they recover swiftly to their wonderful selves.

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About four weeks ago, I started writing and recording a song about what we are going through as a nation, as a planet.

It's called We Will Shine.

I also wrote this as a song of gratitude for those who have been on the front lines for us, particularly the medical world - doctors, nurses...all of well as folks in the service & delivery industries - police, firefighters...and so many more.


I felt compelled to do something in the language I share with some of my friends, and to hopefully give a bit of solace and comfort to all who hear it.

If you like what you hear, can you kindly share the YouTube link of this lyric video I put together? Here is the link:
Please pass it along and let's try to come together by being smart and staying home (like there's anywhere to go!), so we can pulverize that elusive (doesn't have to be) pandemic curve.

Like you, as I imagine, I go from moments of optimism, to those of anxiety, regarding the future of my health, and that of all of everyone around me. In fact, now is a good time to reach out to those friends and family members you haven't corresponded with in a while, to check up on them to see if they're ok. You will also will make someone's day by this simple act of compassion and kindness.

The people singing here, and one playing sax, did so out of the kindness of their collective heart... sending me their isolated contribution from their homes....some recorded into phones, some from their own studio.

From Spain to Jersey, teens to seasoned artists....we all came together to bring you a message of hope, to let you know that we WILL walk through that door to get to the other side, and when we do, we will have more compassion and empathy for each other and not take this life for granted....

We Will Shine.

Thank you,

Thank you to all who participated in the song:

Reagan Richards - singing 3rd verse with me
Layonne Holmes - end scats
Leon Michael Cormack - end scats
Britt Savage - end scats
Lee Scott Howard
Arne Wendt
Paul Geiger
Michael Ghegan
Scott Metaxas
Jarod Clemons
Carl Gentry
Laura Sparrow Gentry
Tommy Strazza
Joshua Van Ness
Bobby Mahoney
Brielle Brown
Rob Tanico
Keith Roth
Tommy Labella - sax
Shaun Taylor-Corbett
Peter Schulle
Keith Anthony Fluitt
Emily Grove
Joseph Vadala
Lisa Sherman
David Biglin
Alan Grant
Billy Siegel
Michael Inge
Lee Ottman
Bryan Bernard Hansen
Jenna Torres
Bob Polding
Stella Mrowicki
Yosi Levin
Sharon Lasher
Eric Gershman
Kyra Anthony
Aria Anthony
Anna Leon
Sophia Dimayuga

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Mr. Ray (Ray Andersen) is a  Music Producer, who has performed  with among other famous artists; Bruce Springsteen, BonJovi, Meatloaf and Matchbox Twenty. Mr. Ray, a dad himself enjoys entertaining for children of all ages. He also has anti-bullying/respect/kindness campaigns available for schools and camps. One that he performs at many schools is titled, "No Room for Bullies."  He has various programs about inclusion and acceptance that communicate creatively how we are all different and special in our own ways. Mr. Ray entertains children in educational settings/assemblies or at private events like birthday parties.  To schedule entertainment or anti-bulling/respect/kindness educational programs in your school, or for unique interactive entertainment for a private event you can contact him directly at  Visit his web site at