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COLTS NECK, NJ: Every day is an upbeat day for Melissa Mallios and a pandemic certainly does not stop that. You can tune into Mallios daily for her beauty and lifestyle tips as she streams live from one of her Facebook platforms, like HUSH. Mallios has it down with social media marketing, one of the top selling agents for the international beauty and wellness line;  SEACRET. You can read a TAPinto Colts Neck article about Mallios' SEACRET Success HERE.  

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Hey guys, Melissa Mallios here- just a few tips on staying sane with the family through this pandemic. I also want to touch on social media marketing. I think we can all say we are in uncharted territory.  We all have our own story-let's spare sharing what we have all lost and share more of what we have gained!  Here are a few things that I have gained with my family during the quarantine.

  •  We sit at set meals 3 times a day (we always did that for dinner--revolving around basketball of course). The kids are starting to realize that food is not disposable.  They are beginning to realize more what they have and have more of an appreciation for it.  We are sitting, really relaxing and enjoying three meals a day, together, with no rush to get up and leave for work, school or sports! 
  • We started a compost.  Do you know how much food ends up in the trash that could nourish the earth instead? It's been a great learning experience for all of us. We started with a bowl by the sink. We now have less trash and are doing something great for the earth. The kids are enjoying saving to supplement the compost! 
  • Silence really can be GOLDEN.   We are understanding one another better in the silent moments. If you understand how YOUR people work, what the stressors are, accepting it and picking your battles (yea- zip your lip), silence can be a great way to peacefully get through this time.  Sometimes our together time, is quiet.  And that in itself, is a way to better understand others too. To be silently comfortable with someone is a gift to enjoy, and we are now having that down time to have moments of silence and appreciate them.

Here are some things we have been doing together that we otherwise do not find the time to do.

  • Look through and organize photos, maybe even print some out.  East coast weather is not always the best, right?  I mean, ok we all went all happy for the one day it was 77, but aside from that it's not awesome.  During indoor days, we've been sharing time looking through photos of times when we celebrated together with family, enjoyed happy social occasions, traveled. Reliving the memories through photos and video is fun. You will see how much your children will enjoy that if you are not already doing that. A stroll down memory lane to when they were babies, first played sports, maybe watching videos when they first began to talk... it's all so much fun to them you can see it in their eyes. The best part is when you are doing that with them you are making new happy memories. 
  • BOARD GAMES! Well, now may not be the easiest time to purchase them, except online of course. But,  I betcha that you have something at home you can whip out.  You'd be surprised how many genuine smiles & laughs will come about.  They may fight getting off electronic devices but once they start playing board games they will soon get into it and ask for more!

Since my platform for SEACRET and my lifestyle tips is social media, I thought I would share how we can amplify our social media during this down time: 

  • Utilize social media to do something positive: GIVE BACK, SOCIALIZE, SHARE, & GROW.  We all have passions, talents- everyone is looking for something to uplift them! Share YOUR special talent, tell us something we don't already know about you or your business. Tell us about your favorite charity, tell a story that can brighten someone else's day.   What have you GAINED positive from our new social distancing? Share the good!  Here is a little product promo for you from my SEACRET Line: 

If there is one thing we can all take away from this time period, let's be able to say it and really mean it: "I've enjoyed my family!" 

  •  ENJOY this time with our family.  I know we all have a lot to think about right now and things are uncertain, but we need to stop and think about what we are grateful for. For starters, if you are reading this, be thankful you are alive.  Bloom where you are planted now, flourish today.  You have asked for that Monday off, every other Monday- or hoped for that snow day. Maybe you wished you could work from home... HERE IT IS!  and it's with your family!  YOUR people! We are living history right now. Take pictures, make videos... Take care of yourself, do your makeup, wear a dress on a date inside your home, drink wine and make sure you are checking up on other people while you enjoy- YOUR LIFE.  Let your kids see you SMILE.  They get to be home now with someone they love. Don't make them feel like they are a burden, even if they stress you out.  A Smile goes a long way, take a deep breath.  They are our greatest gift. It's OUR time to SHINE parents, let's DO IT- right inside our homes. Sure we will all make mistakes, stress does that but guess what? We have a new day today to fix that and make it the best possible day!  ❤️