HOLMDEL, NJ:  A Harvard study, almost 80 years old, has proved that embracing the community helps us live longer, and makes us happier. -Liz Mineo Harvard Staff Writer.

Bell Works is the community hub of Holmdel. Coined the Metroburb, it's a great place to visit, meet friends, work, play, create, reserve your next party, dine, exercise, shop, have your dental check-up, get that new fresh hair cut, check that book out of the library, eat healthy, have a cocktail, play ping pong, toss a ball on the turf... really the options are limitless... 

On March 7th, the Metroburb was buzzing with activity.  Both indoor turf fields were busy. The field near the library had many moms meeting up for play dates, toddlers running and falling, balls being tossed between laughing children, a ping pong match in the backdrop...a woman walking her dog, strollers passing by, power walkers... 

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The turf on the other side near Salon Concrete was set up to celebrate women as part of International Women’s Day. The two sessions welcomed nearly a total of 100 women, who gathered to attend the informational workshops. The style was casual picnic, many women brought blankets to sit on the turf. 

Bell Works, NPZ Design and VenerationME sponsored two free Picnic on the Turf workshops to coincide with the 2019 theme of #BalanceForBetter.  The event focused on empowering and educating female professionals.  

The sessions were led by VenerationME Founder, Corporate Leader and Holmdel mom Casey DeStefano who focused on attendees achieving a work/life balance.  The Keynote Speaker was  Corporate Leader Jennifer Willey of Matawan, who spoke about helping women build a balanced ‘Personal Board of Directors’ to accelerate their career growth.  Both women used worksheets and had the attendees break into smaller groups to brainstorm the possible answers to reaching a more balanced work and family life. Storytelling and interactive information sharing kept the audience engaged.

The Goal according to DeStefano was: "To celebrate the women of Monmouth County by bringing them together for an enriching event to learn something new, further build community, and toast to being fearless females with a little bubbly." 

The bubbly, compliments of Bell Works added nicely to the celebration and the energy in the space was palpable. 

An attendee at the event Jessica commented, "It's fabulous what they have put together here and the large number of attendees is so impressive."

“Bell Works is a vehicle for human interaction. It’s magical," said Paola Zamudio founder of NPZ Style + Décor, and Executive Creative Director of Bell Works. "It’s also about creating a social vibe with meaning on International Women’s Day.”

Resident restaurants like Hummus & Pita, Bell Market and others provided a brown bag lunch option for a discounted 8 dollars. DeStafano explains,  "This is a symbolic gesture representing the 80% on the dollar wage gap for working women in the US. My mission at VenerationME is to advance working women and strive for equality.  It brings me great joy that Bell Works is a modern facility that cares about all of its residents. Those who attended today's programs left with the tools to better understand how to navigate work-life integration. It’s about being proactive, knowing what you want, and equipping women with the tools they need to make an impact in their own lives." 

TAPinto Holmdel asked Casey DeStefano what her top 3 key tips are for better balancing life. DeStefano advises, " 1) Prioritize what is important in your life. 2) Learn how to say 'No' so that you can say, 'Yes!' to what really matters, and 3) Do what's important not only for now but for your future."

To contact Casey you can email Casey@venerationme.com

NPZ style + décor is the lead interior design firm and creative team behind the world renown project @ Bell Works. The founder is Paolo Zamudio. TAPinto wrote a feature article on Zamudio. To view click HERE.

VenerationMe.com is a modern social/business club located at Bell Works, providing services to cultivate the advancement of career women, ease the burden on working mothers and strive for gender equality in a safe and comfortable space.

Bell Works is the reimagining of the historic former Bell Labs building in Holmdel, N.J. Today, the building is one-of-a-kind destination for business and culture, complete with a blossoming ecosystem of technology, traditional offices, retail, dining, hospitality, and much more.

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