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ChillRx offers a “Wine and Chill” event every Friday that starts at 5:00pm till 8:00pm that includes delicious hors d’ouevres. Read below for more info and stop by Friday at ChillRX for your own demo!

RED BANK, NJ - The Navesink Business Group (NBG), held their bi- monthly 8:00am meeting last Wednesday at the West Side Eatery.

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Rob Lowe, Executive Director of the NBG and Branch Manager of Family First Funding, introduced Paul Musho, owner of ChillRx Cryotherapy, who opened at 64 Broad Street in November of 2018.

Musho worked for 30 years in big corporations; Union Carbide, Krupp, Emerson and GE, with a career path that took him through the ranks of engineering, sales, development, operations and general management.   

He went to the cryotherapy center in Westfield, NJ for aches and pains after going to the gym.  Impressed by the results, he decided to purchase his own franchise.  “I could work out in the mornings and play golf in the afternoon.  It gave me the ability to do more with the time that I have.”

“The therapy been used for over 40 years in Europe to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation and pain, boost metabolism and weight loss and to reverse the signs of aging”, explained Musho.

For a whole-body treatment you step in the controlled chamber where a technician is onsite as you begin your 3-minute session where the temperature drops between -166 degrees to -220 degrees F from cooled air that envelopes your toes to over your head.

Musho explained that, “It’s like a gentle breeze of cold air being brought up over your body.  When your body is exposed to this low temperature it goes into “flight of fight” mode, and it’s trying to stay warm.  You then get a natural release of endorphins throughout your body, which reduces chronic pain, inflammation, and you burn 500 – 800 calories per session, because your body is fighting to stay warm.” 

In addition, ChillRx offers local Cryotherapy such as Cryo Facials, Infrared Sauna, Sonic Wave, ChillSculpt, ChillSkin and ChillTherapy.  These therapies are for weight loss, pain management, enhance athletic performance, faster recovery from injuries, anti-aging, skin care and a host of other treatments.

When Musho asked for a volunteer to demo from his portable “chill tank,” Allison DeLucia immediately shot up her hand.  DeLucia is a Wellness Consultant for Health in Hand Chiropractic Center.

To watch a video of Allison receiving a facial and neck treatment, click HERE.

To read a previous article on ChillRx Cryotherapy that includes a step-by-step video explaining the process from walking in the door to entering the chill chamber, click HERE.

It really is the “coolest” and most fascinating healthcare/wellness business in town.

Wrapping up the meeting, the local NBG business entrepreneurs each offered a two-minute pitch on their company and services.  Several thanked, praised and recommended other NBG members for the services that they themselves had used.

What works?  Networking works!

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