Meet Your Neighbors: Bill & Denise Boglioli 

By LiliAnn Paras, Feature Director of Community Magazine

It is said that the prettiest home on the block is often a funeral home. This adage is true enough in the case of Holmdel Funeral Home, which recently underwent an elegant renovation. Bill and Denise grew up in Monmouth County and moved to Holmdel four years ago (residing in the home space above the services area.) They have two sons: Scott, who has joined the family business, and Chris, a local attorney. Their dog Stella is definitely part of the family too. They have embraced the area and noted with warmth that they are developing more and more friendships all the time. They serve on several boards and give generously to local fundraisers for police, fire, first aid, churches, schools, local sports…donating money, needed items- and golf balls. We spent a most enjoyable afternoon learning more about the profession and the people behind it all. 

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How did you get started in the funeral profession? 

Bill: I was seventeen years old. I went to Woolley Funeral Home and asked for a job and I never left. My grandfather had died a year prior and the people at Woolley’s were so nice to everyone. It seemed like something I would want to do. I was always fascinated by the business. (Note: They also own the Woolley-Boglioli Funeral Home). 

Holmdel Funeral Home is a true family operation. How did the two of you meet? 

Bill: We grew up together in Long Branch.  Denise is related to the Woolleys and after college we worked there together. 

How do people react when they find out your occupation? 

Bill: A million questions! The “6 feet under” questions, the jokes right away 

The renovation is so elegant. What did this entail? 

Bill: We hired designers and worked for eleven months in preparation, and this July, two 18 wheelers arrived filled with furniture. 

Denise: We wanted a more relaxing environment. 

Bill: The colors and everything else were designed to create a comforting environment, and a bright one to encourage conversation, as opposed to just rows of chairs. We always noticed people moved the chairs and tried to create conversation areas. 

What is the most satisfying part of the funeral profession? 

Bill: Truly the helping, being there when someone has a major catastrophe in his or her life, and every death is a catastrophe. Whether the person is 90 or unfortunately young, every loss is important. When you lose someone elderly they may have been with you 60 years of your own life- that’s a challenge. Being there, helping them clear their thoughts and honor their family member’s existence in this world is very gratifying. 

What are the challenges?

Bill: It is always the emotions. There are people you know, or a young person, or a tragic situation. They call me for guidance, support and trust. I can’t be emotional myself. We have to be there to help them and when it’s over, it’s our time to let it go. We have to figure out how to do that and that’s a tough trick. 

What do you do outside of business to relieve the stress?

Bill: Golf! And travel to B&Bs. We have dinners out a lot with this schedule. 

Denise: I like to read, and travel but I do not play golf. I like to walk. Bill: Don’t walk with her- you will be running, her walking pace is a run!


The Boglioli Family is very involved in supporting the communities they serve, participating in a host of charitable events and programs. They provide compassionate caring service, treating you like family. Holmdel Funeral Home is located at 26 South Holmdel Road, Holmdel, NJ, 07733 The telephone is 732.946.3322 the web site is