HOLMDEL, NJ: Terri Rufo is an RN and Administrator at CareOne at Holmdel. She has been a steady caring presence for the CareOne family. Since the Coronavirus outbreak, she has been in the building day in and day out to care for the residents. Terri has not seen her own children in over a month.

Watch this emotional video message from Administrator Terri Rufo:

Terri has been making sure her patients are safe and virtually connecting with their family members. CareOne residents are encouraged to video chat, send pictures back and forth, and call their loved ones. She has been doing her absolute best to keep morale high, all while being quarantined from her own family.  Like many others on the frontlines, Terri has given up so much to make sure her residents at CareOne receive the highest level of care; from nursing, to nutrition, to behavioral health and everything in between, including all the new guidelines relative to the pandemic. 

Please join us as we salute Terri and all the other healthcare heroes who are sacrificing so much, so they can provide 24/7 care for their patients and residents who they call family.  Thank you to Terri Rufo and the team at CareOne Holmdel.