HOLMDEL, NJ - While many students have benefited from classes that are streamed live by their teachers, many others do not. For some families, it is becoming the difference between the haves and the have nots.

That just changed - click HERE

Governor Murphy has stated that the pandemic will "bleed well into May", so it is more likely that the rest of the school year is remote. It is also becoming more clear that mastering live learning will separate top districts from others. 

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So why might you not have live learning? The reasons appear to be varied but anecdotal information includes a lack of technical knowledge and the fact that it hasn't been a required delivery method by many local districts. Some teachers are not doing it as it is not required. Change does not come easy. Others have voluntarily and eagerly done it since the beginning of the pandemic shutdown. It depends on the district and, of course, the capabilities of the individual teacher. 

System security and privacy concerns are also paramount and companies like Zoom have significantly beefed up security to ensure classroom safety.

Parents who have a child that benefits from teachers who provide live learning know that there is little comparison to having the child's actual teacher communicating with them directly in real time.

Fortunately, public television provides an additional option.

This week, a new partnership has begun that helps bridge the gap as some teachers get up to speed on live learning.

The New Jersey Department of Education and New Jersey Teachers Association has partnered with NJTV to get around the live learning gap with top teachers from New Jersey schools who are helping local student learn LIVE

You can deliver to your 3rd to 6th graders (so far) fresh lessons every day to supplement their local programming. This can enhance their overall learning experience.

Starting this week, local families can bring top public school teachers into their homes. The partnership with top New Jersey teachers and public television will provide live daily studies on relevant current topics to New Jersey students. Check out their channel for more information and an introduction by Lamont Repollet, Ed. D., Commissioner for the New Jersey Department of Education.

It is not designed to replace your current offerings and viewers should be sure they don't overlap with regular district schedules. 

These live lessons are created by NJTV in partnership with the NJEA and the NJ Department of Education, NJTV Learning Live remote learning classes are for grades 3-6, taught by NJ public school teachers.

The one-hour lessons include math, science, english language arts, social studies, physical education and more.

So tune in and learn live, every school day, at NJTV.  Parents and students - and teachers - can see how live learning works with New Jersey's top public school teachers during this challenging time. 

You can go live right... NOW