April 23 Celebrates World Book Day. Every new day is an opportunity to read! 

In a world of never-ending social media streams and ever-present technological devices, taking a moment to sit down and read a library book can seem like a lost art. We do everything we can at school to foster students’ love of reading, but carrying on good habits at home is an essential supplement to classroom education. Here are a few important things to keep in mind as we encourage our children to read more. 

Figure out what students enjoy

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Even the most fantastical stories have something to teach us. A child's education will cover the classics, so when they are at home, they should take the time to discover their own personal taste in books. Help them explore reading as a hobby rather than reading as homework. Try introducing reluctant readers to something new. Whether it's a popular fantasy series, a murder mystery, or even nonfiction about a subject that interests them, there is a book out there for every student. A quick trip to the library provides the perfect opportunity to browse through different authors and genres to see what sounds appealing. 

Start conversations

Modern children's books and young adult literature deals with big, paramount social issues by using language that kids can understand. Embrace tough subject matter that encouraged thoughtful reflection and critical thinking. Reading books together can be a great bonding experience for parents and their children, and that bonding does not have to end when the last page is turned. Some of the best educational topics appear in children's literature, so take a moment to help children further develop their ideas by starting conversations about those topics.

Learn new things

Reading books is an incredibly effective way for children to cultivate their sense of empathy. Seek out diverse fiction that will expose them to different people and cultures. It will help children learn more about the rest of the world during a time in their lives when they are just realizing their place in it. 

Whether they are reading a paperback or an ebook or even listening to an audiobook, a child's reading time will always be valuable. For more information about the benefits of reading with kids, check out this blog post from Headmaster Pacelli.