Press Conference at 1PM 

NEW JERSEY - The temporary problem of closed schools has rapidly being recognized as likely permanent for the rest of the school year. New Jersey is unknown at this time. 

Pennsylvania and New York City have closed the public school systems for the year. 

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A decision is likely to come soon in NJ. It will be a game changer for the requirements to provide equitable education in New Jersey. In nearby NYC, with 1.1 million students, the shift to virtual (remote and live) learning is expanding with extended closure. Mayor de Blasio said during a press conference last week that closing was not a surprise, "It's a problem we predicted, unfortunately." he stated.

Governor Cuomo, of New York, immediately challenged the Mayor's authority later in the day. It remains to be seen if the closure takes place due to the divide.

Educators that are already well versed in managing a robust remote environment are poised to deliver success for their students. Families in New Jersey still wait for clarity from the Governor of New Jersey.  He has indicated in prior press events that it is not likely that schools reopen.

He stated that the pandemic will "bleed into May". 

Some public schools have already changed to pass/fail in recognition of the lack of consistency and the inability for consistent delivery of remote classroom study. 

New Jersey parents remain stuck in a 'scholastic limbo' of sorts when it comes to the deliverance of quality education to their students. A temporary hiccup was expected. However, a school year converted to total remote learning brings extreme attention to how their children are taught.

With the state holding off on a decision, there remains hope that the remote learning platforms are only temporary for teachers and students. They would have the latest data which suggests that we have hit the peak in infections and should be on a positive downhill on the pandemic.

But, what if you need the webcam until June? 

What started as a temporary fix is about to have a measurable impact in the event it lasts another two months in New Jersey. 

Stay tuned, however, as there may be an update today.

On Saturday at 1PM, the Governor will provide another status update. You can view it here: