The Enchanted TreeHouse Academy provides a safe, healthy, nurturing and wholesome environment for your child. A whole-child and personal approach for early learning is fostered to encourage and nurture the natural thinking spark and curiosity that children inherently have.  Every child is engaged, encouraged, and challenged in an environment where learning is fun and interactive play is woven into every activity.  Early learning in a fun and stimulating environment creates an excellent foundation to absorb new learning as they grow older. Whether full time child-care, enrichment or summer camps, The Enchanted TreeHouse Academy will provide your child with a wonderful fun learning experience!

MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ: Wow! Enchanted TreeHouse Academy-An ideal children's summer camp with a healthy mix of great fun, nature, exploring, fresh air outdoor play, exercise, and exciting STEAM learning adventures!

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Enchanted TreeHouse Academy is a new early childhood learning center in Lincroft, NJ. It is located at 11 Middletown-Lincroft Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738. The new owners of the building have renovated the entire learning center with new class and play rooms, a brand new soft bottom outdoor playground area with a large play deck and plenty of shade. Summer campers will enjoy the safe outdoor play field areas and brand-new bright and colorful class and play rooms. Basic soccer and basketball fun too!  RESERVATIONS ARE LIMITED. RESERVE TODAY. 

Themed camp activities run all summer as adventures take place outside in the fresh air, new soft bottom playground, and inside in the new colorful classrooms. Themes like:

  • Under the Sea,
  • Stomping Dinosaurs,
  • Insect Explorations,
  • Walking in the Jungle,
  • On the Go Transportation,
  • Farm Life,
  • Rainforest Trot, and much more!

Campers will be actively engaged in fine and large motor skills, reading time, arts and crafts, playground activities, song and dance, snack and drink breaks, hands on learning is fun activities. Mini camps run for 10 weeks and sibling discounts are offered. Basic soccer and basketball fun too! Multiple week discounts are available. RESERVATIONS ARE LIMITED. RESERVE TODAY.   (732) 747-8583

From little sprouts to unique blossoms, the team at The Enchanted TreeHouse will motivate your child to reach their full potential possible for their age group. 

Enchanted TreeHouse:

  • Ensures a clean, safe, and wholesome center
  • Fosters a constructive and active learning experience     
  • Encourages collaboration between and among parents, staff, and children
  • Builds up a child's positive self-image and celebrates diversity
  • Provides academic benchmarks and lays the strong foundation for learning

Maria George of Holmdel, NJ is the owner of The Enchanted TreeHouse Academy. Her husband Sam a physician is also a co-owner, but it is Maria who is managing the Academy as the executive director. The George's live in Holmdel, NJ, where they are raising their 3 young sons.

Maria's diverse background includes earning 4 master degrees! One of which is in childhood education and another is an MBA, among two more. Her favorite college years were while she attended Georgetown University and American University in the nation's capital of Washington D.C. Maria has a combined 20+ years as an educator ranging from early childhood learners all the way up to college students. Maria is also a NJ licensed CPA.

With all of Maria George's education and professional experience, when you ask her, Maria will tell you that her passion is caring for and teaching preschoolers: "I truly enjoy the way young children are naturally curious and excited to learn. They are great investigators and discoverers. The Enchanted TreeHouse Academy is offering the best programs available in early childhood development. Children love healthy exciting outside play and learning, and that is why we have invested so much in our outdoor playground and playing fields. As for our indoor classrooms and play areas, they are colorful and bright creating a cheerful inviting learning and play environment. Children learn best when they are having fun and our Academy is all about fun learning. Our STEAM classes offer everything from the sport of Chess to writing code. Offering that in our community is a dream come true for me!"

VIDEO: Meet Maria George, Owner of Enchanted TreeHouse Academy in Lincroft, NJ, as she talks about the childcare learning center aspect of her business:

In addition to childcare from birth to pre-k, The Enchanted TreeHouse Academy offers a variety of enrichment classes and summer camps to choose from for children 2.5-8 years of age. 


Instructors: The Enchanted TreeHouse team consists of highly educated, friendly and caring individuals. Maria George comments, "Our team is all about safety first for the children and then creating the best day possible with a smart balance of indoor and outdoor fresh air learning while you play. Our instructors are there to help each child reach their full learning potential for each day. Every child should go home excited about the next day at camp or at childcare, and share with their family what a great day they had and what they learned!"

Meet some team members at Enchanted TreeHouse Academy: 

Sarrah Buker is the curriculum and lesson plan developer for Enchanted Treehouse Academy. She also trains new teachers and provides consultations for new educational strategies. Sarrah's diverse background includes being an education professional with over twenty years of experience in teaching and supervision. She is certified, by the state of New Jersey, in elementary education and social studies. Sarrah taught both elementary and high school students and supervised K-12 social studies teachers. She is passionate about student success both in and outside of the classroom. Her areas of interest are educational equity, diversity, and inclusion. Sarrah holds a BA in Economics and Middle Eastern Studies from Rutgers University and an EdM in Education Policy and Management from Harvard University. Sarrah has a recent renewed interest in poetry and in writing as spiritual practice. She lives in Holmdel, New Jersey with her two sons.

Tara Adesina is the primary infant caregiver for Enchanted TreeHouse Academy. Her role also includes childcare for any age as she is comfortable with all aspects of early childhood education. Tara's background includes being an early childhood caregiver for more than 15 years. She holds a bachelors degree in architecture, however, her true calling is the education and care of the young population. She is passionate about children's success both in and outside of the classroom. Apart from the Enchanted TreeHouse Academy, Tara is an active member of her church and participates in the youth groups. She enjoys being a youth leader and organizes the events, conferences, and activities of her congregation's youth. She is an avid cook and loves a great book. Tara lives in Holmdel with her husband and three boys.

Nikki Church is the enrichment teacher for chess at the Enchanted Treehouse Academy. Her background includes teaching this sport for more than 20+ years. In addition, she was an active tournament player from 1999-2005 and was listed as one of the top 100 female players in the U.S.A. For now, Nikki teaches a monthly 2-hour chess workshop at the Enchanted Treehouse Academy as well as weekly summer camps and holiday themed chess events. Nikki's Prodigy Chess Camp was featured in publications such as the Asbury Park Press. She was also highlighted in an article for Child Magazine called, "The Brainy Benefits of Chess." Indeed, no one can deny the immense benefits of learning and playing chess! Among them include: the ability to increase problem-solving techniques, improvement of memory, enhancement of IQ, development of planning and foresight, and increase of creativity. Nikki has taught chess all around the country from Harlem, NYC to Honolulu Hawaii. She believes that chess is a fun way to teach children how to develop critical thinking skills. Outside of chess, Nikki enjoys living in the Atlantic Highlands and spending time with her dogs.

The Enchanted TreeHouse Academy

11 Middletown Lincroft Rd , Lincroft. NJ 07738

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm