HOLMDEL, NJ - Parents, take note. Vaping Kills Kids

Today, federal health authorities are, according to a Wall Street Journal article, urging people to stop using electronic smoking products while they investigate the death of a third person from a 'mysterious vaping illness' that is said to have now affected 450 people around the United States. 

The JUUL ads are so fantastic for young kids, right? Models posing in great photos and so many fruity innocent flavors and its so cool and fun and discreet and nothing unhealthy at all - it's just vapor mom and dad!

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It's not.

A Harvard Professor recently spoke up about the danger, illness and death around vaping:

"Although more investigation is needed to determine the vaping agent or agents responsible, there is clearly an epidemic that begs for an urgent response" wrote David Christiani, Harvard University public-health professor, writing in the New England Journal of Medicine.

When our kids tell us that everyone does it, when public entities turn a blind eye to it and when we believe that maybe it isn't so bad because they aren't traditional cigarettes, think again:


You can google 'vaping death' and see for yourself.

If your child is reading this, let them know that many people are already dead. Not just sick - they are dead.

The Center for Disease Control asks, today on 9-6-2019,  that "While the investigation is ongoing, people should consider not using e-cigarette products".  Translated: Don't buy this stuff until we figure out why it's killing people.

The investigation from the CDC includes 450 cases in 33 states. Let's keep it out of New Jersey with stronger action, communication, education and legislation.

Now you know. Let the kids know. Be safe - don't vape.