MIDDLETOWN, NJ - The highly controversial vote on Superintendent George's recommendation to close Port Monmouth Elementary School may soon become a reality - if the Middletown Board of Education chooses to vote to close it. They can reject the plan as well - and Wednesday night is the board's chance to decide. The plan is sure to bring a crowd.

The meeting will be held at the High School North Media Center High School North Media Center and will start at 7PM.

The Middletown Township Board of Education is an all volunteer elected board. The members are
Pamela Rogers, President - Robin Stella, Vice-President - Leonora Caminiti - Nicholas DiFranco - Michael DonlonThomas Giaimo - John Little  Joan Minnuies and Deborah Wright

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The agenda for the evening is specific to closing the elementary school. The resolution they are considering a vote for or against is as follows:

Resolution for Consolidation of Port Monmouth and New Monmouth Elementary Schools;
     Whereas the Board of Education recognizes its responsibility to provide a thorough and efficient program of free public education and appropriate facilities to house that program; and

 Whereas the signing of the S2 bill into law in July 2018 had an immediate impact on the Middletown Township Public
 School district and by time of full implementation of the state aid reallocation under this law, Middletown Township
 Public Schools will have lost a projected $5.5 million in state school aid; and

 Whereas the District further recognizes that declining enrollments, diminished resources, district reorganization,
 and/or other good cause may require the use of one or more district facilities for educational purposes be
 abandoned; and

 Whereas the District has discussed at board meetings and at its strategic planning forums the anticipated growing
 budget shortfalls going forward and the need to make changes in our operations and our district footprint in order to
 preserve our programs and services; and

 Whereas the district has been working to find ways to address this that are not in conflict with our mission and the
 priorities identified during the strategic planning forums; and

 Whereas alternative organizational structures were considered other than the proposed consolidation of Port Monmouth and New Monmouth Schools but it was determined that those structures did not meet the intended goals of lowering overall costs to reduce the current budget shortfall, lowering elementary class sizes and avoiding redistricting of students, which can’t be accomplished for the 2020-2021 school year without further studies but has been discussed during the Strategic Planning Process as a measure to address overcrowding in some schools; and
Whereas in compliance with Board Policy 7130, the District has collected and considered the appropriate
 information, disseminated this information to the public for analysis, and solicited public response through multiple
 forums and platforms;
  Now, therefore let it be resolved that the Middletown Township Board of Education will authorize the district
 administration to request a recommendation from the Executive County Superintendent of Schools and request
 approval from the NJ Department of Education, Division of Finance to consolidate Port Monmouth Elementary
 School and New Monmouth Elementary School effective with the 2020-2021 school year, with all students attending
 school at New Monmouth Elementary School.