Attorney Stuart Meissner Announces Exploratory Committee For US Senate
Will Explore Seeking Republican Nomination to Challenge Cory Booker

Trenton, NJ – Stuart Meissner, former prosecutor and leading whistleblower attorney, has formed an exploratory committee to consider mounting a campaign for the Republican Party nomination to challenge Democratic Senator and Presidential candidate Cory Booker.
“I have decided to take the first step in challenging Cory Booker, who has consistently put his own political ambitions above the needs of Garden State voters. From his abysmal record as Mayor of Newark to his thoroughly underwhelming career in the U.S. Senate, Booker has spent enough time on the taxpayer dime in pursuit of the political limelight,” Meissner said. 

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“If the last two weeks have proven anything, it’s that Cory Booker is more focused on chasing voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, than helping his constituents facing the water crisis back home in New Jersey. We deserve better,” continued Meissner. 


More About Stuart: 
As the son of a Jewish immigrant who fled Nazi Germany a day after Kristallnacht, Stuart Meissner knows the importance of standing up and fighting for the little guy. Undaunted by those who may have greater influence or power, Stuart has dedicated his entire career to advocating and delivering justice for the less advantaged.
Stuart started his career as a prosecutor, first in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and then in the New York Attorney General’s Office. As a prosecutor, Stuart deftly took on organized crime, violent criminals, child predators and fraudsters. He prosecuted cases involving armed robbery, gun violence, domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, child pornography, statutory rape, financial frauds, credit card frauds, large narcotics sales, investor frauds, and quality of life crimes.
After leaving the Attorney General’s office, Stuart opened a private law firm where his dedication to fighting for the little guy pervaded and defined his practice. Stuart’s firm was and remains dedicated to the victims of fraud and negligence perpetrated by big Wall Street banks and corporations. He advocates fiercely for these clients, successfully taking on institutions such as Wells Fargo, UBS and Morgan Stanley along with their high-priced law firms, returning millions of dollars to defrauded investors. He also represents individual wall street employees against their employers in disputes relating to employment, compensation and discrimination. Stuart also represents SEC Whistleblowers, including the recipient of the largest accounting fraud award in the history of the program. Stuart’s whistleblower representation in this context led to a $90 million-dollar fine against Monsanto, the mega agribusiness and chemical company, and a $22.5 million-dollar reward to his client.

Stuart has also been there to assist and fight for his community. By way of example, after the terror attacks of September 11th, Stuart joined many of his fellow New Jerseyans in volunteering to help on the “bucket brigade”, assisting on the debris field at Ground Zero. In so doing, Stuart worked alongside law enforcement and first responders to sift through the rubble in an effort to locate survivors or remains, having lost a close friend in the tragedy.

Stuart also knows first-hand that our healthcare system is failing patients, seniors and families. As a survivor of cancer which he developed as a result of his volunteering at Ground Zero, Stuart himself faced outrageously exorbitant treatment costs and co-pays despite his insurance. He understands how terribly flawed the system is and is determined to fix it.
Now Stuart is running for the U.S. Senate, taking on one of Wall Street and Big Pharma’s biggest benefactors, Cory Booker. Stuart has fought tougher battles before and has never forgotten that he fights for the little guy. Stuart will represent the people of New Jersey in speaking truth to power as he as always done during the course of his 31 year career and will work to reduce the middle-class tax burden, lower prescription drugs prices and healthcare costs, take on big tech and protect New Jersey resident’s privacy rights which have been ignored by Cory Booker.
Stuart helped raise his two teenage children, Kaitlyn and Dylan, where they attend/attended the public schools of Bergen County where he has lived since moving from Hudson County in 2005, and his son Dylan currently plays Varsity Football for the Tenafly Tigers.

Stuart is excited for his next journey and ready to take on the big and powerful for the benefit of his beloved State of New Jersey.