NJ has a teen smoking and vaping epidemic. About 2000 teens are in rehab every day in NJ. Teens are smoking and vaping tobacco, and cannabis, and who knows what else the weed growers and dealers add to the product. Yes, tobacco and cannabis are toxic weeds. When you smoke them you get high, if eaten you can become very ill, even die.  The kids become addicted in high school.

  The NJ legislature is considering banning flavored vaping products. Are they serious. They are also planning on banning vaping for those under 21. Are they serious. Teens who smoke pot are more likely to try other drugs, sell drugs, drop out, DUI, DWI, suffer stroke, heart attack, psychosis, paranoia, pregnancy, low birth weight babies, learning disabled babies. A few of the toxins in pot smoke are arsenic, ammonia, cyanide, formaldehyde, benzene. They will damage axons and neurons in the brain.

  If you test positive for THC you can forget about working for the airlines, railroads, police, CDL, ferries, limos,  hospitals, schools, etc.  Many towns are trying to set up cannabis dispensaries in anticipation of legal pot. a sure fire way to screw up the next generation. China, Iran, North Korea and Russia are laughing their ass off. 

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   If there is any chance a legislator is making money from growing, marketing, selling pot they deserve to be tarred and feathered in front the state house. The NJ legislature will try and pass legal pot again in 2019 and put it up to public vote in 2020. They are dragging their feet on vaping since they know it will impact legal pot. Stop the pot now.

   Nov. 5th you the voter, must decide what goes on in Trenton. Find the position your candidates are taking on smoking and vaping for all citizens, young and old. You can contact the legislature by clicking here to find yours and make your vote really count.  Go to HarvardX to learn more.

Paul Sniffin