In 1955, Green Bean Casserole was created in Camden by Campbell’s recipe developer Dorcas Reilly.
Ever wonder where the Thanksgiving classic Green Bean Casserole came from? Turns out it was created in the Garden State.

The turkey day staple was invented in 1955 in Campbell’s test kitchen in Camden by recipe developer Dorcas Reilly, who Campbell’s refers to as the “Grandmother of Green Bean Casserole.”

According to, the Associated Press had asked Reilly to develop a Thanksgiving side dish  using ingredients that any home cook would have on hand. Reilly tried various ingredients, such as celery salt and ham, before she got it right, according to Today. She finally settled on canned or fresh green beans, cream of mushroom soup, milk, soy sauce, black pepper and French fried onions. 

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There have been several variations of this recipe developed by home cooks and professionals over the years, and you can find several on the Campbell’s Soups website. One version recommends using Campbell’s Condensed Golden Mushroom soup with chopped red pepper. Other variations include such ingredients as bacon, cheddar cheese or almonds.

A video by Campbell’s shows four ways to make Green Bean Casserole:


Some facts according to Campbell’s:

It was originally called Green Bean Bake
The Green Bean Casserole appears on over 20 million Thanksgiving holiday tables each year
In 2002, Campbell’s submitted the original recipe card to the National Inventors Hall of Fame.