HOLMDEL, NJ - This is a story about a Holmdel guy, who never baked a thing in his life, who now brings the Cupcake Bouquet to Central, New Jersey.  

Years ago, Wissam Elgamal, was introduced to the cupcake bouquet and thought it would be the world's best gift. The only problem was that he never baked a thing in his life.  It took a few more years of building up the courage to give it a try.  “How was this not a thing!”, he stated.

That is when he purchased an out of business bakery in Verona, NJ to use as a lab. 

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Tons of recipes and designs later, Baked Bouquet was born.  Judging by the reviews and the images on the website, it was beautiful and delicious but business was tough the first couple years.  The problem, he states, was they looked too much like real flowers. 

No one got it.  

I was so discouraged because I thought that would be our test store and then I could open up my “real” location closer to where I live.  The commute was a  killer for him but that was until they went viral.

Since then he has been baking and designing these bouquets for everyday gifts and events out of his Flakeries.  He calls them that because he offers you a custom bouquet of your choice (JUST LIKE A FLORIST) but makes it out of cake (JUST LIKE A BAKERY).  You can see him with his top hat at his newest location across from Menlo Park making roses, hydrangeas, petunias or sunflowers.

Everyone gets a sample of the triple whipped buttercream.  They actually gave out nearly 1000 at their Grand Opening Event.  "I didn’t think anyone would come", he said.  But apparently, the word from North Jersey spread faster than he thought.

When asked what are customers’ most common questions, he says it doesn’t matter.  It’s always a, “Yes”.  Do you ship, can you order online, can you just walk in and get a bouquet, can you just buy one cupcake?  Its always a “Yes”, he says with certainty.

Check them out!

Menlo Park Mall Plaza
180 Lafayette Ave, Edison, NJ 08837