MIDDLETOWN, NJ: The Middletown Arts Center, often referred to as "The Gem of Middletown," is always there to support arts, culture and community in Middletown. Now the MAC needs you! If you are in a position to help, please consider donating to support the MAC during this difficult unprecedented loss of revenue and currently no light in sight! We cannot do it without the community support we need right now. We realize many families are also struggling, and we are here for you. We are only asking that if you are in a position to give back, please consider giving back to Middletown's center for the arts.



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On any given day in my office, I hear the magical sounds of creation: pianos, orchestras, actors rehearsing their lines, tap shoes, singing, and the constant laughter and excited conversation of children and adults as they pass my door on their way to one of our many classes and programs.

But today? Today my office is eerily quiet, and as I sit and write this, I am thinking about and praying for our patrons, our staff, our arts partners and friends, and our entire community impacted by this crisis. I am thinking about the challenges we all face and wonder when and how we will be able to bring all that magic back. I am confident that together, we will.

I love the Middletown Arts Center. I love the energy that echoes through our halls, our classrooms, our gallery and our beautiful theater. I love the laughter and music that vibrates everywhere. More than a decade of artists, young and old, have contributed to this space with their own special magic. It's the magic and the power of the arts that I am fortunate to witness each and every day. The Middletown Arts Center is a township-owned building that is operated by the non-profit 501c3 organization, the Middletown Township Cultural and Arts Council. Although the first word in our name is "Middletown," we have become so much more than a local venue, welcoming exceptional programming and talent from across the state and beyond, while at the same time we strive to keep our programming community based, serving your needs. The Middletown Arts Center is yours.

We ARE going to continue to serve our community, but we need your help!

We are extremely grateful for the support of the Township which allows us to do this great work. We have moved to an on-line platform full of interesting, entertaining and enriching content that is constantly growing. But, we are also facing an unprecedented loss of revenue due to the current closure and anticipated continuing restrictions. In order to re-build our reserves and cover our operating expenses through 2020, we need to raise $165,000 so we can continue doing the work that has made us one of Monmouth County's most beloved arts organizations. Will you make a gift today to keep that vitality going? Will you "Back the MAC?"

I know you care about our mission to enhance the quality of life of area residents by supporting and promoting the arts. I know you care about this beautiful, magical, important venue. I also realize that you are facing your own challenges. Please know, however, that the size of your donation doesn't matter as much as your participation. By donating at whatever level you can afford, you will help keep the magic of the arts alive. Every dollar counts. Brighter days are ahead.  Please show us your support and make a gift today to Back the MAC!

Executive Director
Middletown Arts Center