LONG BEACH ISLAND, NJ - Mother Nature often presents us with a beautiful mosaic on both land and sea. Sometimes, not so much.

In a raw, life and death struggle in the waves, an injured dolphin was recently attacked by a shark. You can see the life of things at sea in the video below but be advised that it is a real life scene of the hunter and the hunted. In this instance, according to wildlife experts that were called to the scene, the dolphin was previously injured by a boat. That is not the way it normally works with dolphins as they are very smart. Very smart indeed and can outwit most sharks!

In fact, Sea World identifies 10 reasons why sharks are actually afraid of dolphins (video by Sean Donohue):

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1. Flexibility Gives Dolphins the Upper Fin. A combination of soft skin and flexible skeletal joints make it easier for dolphins to maneuver quickly in a fight against their cartilage-filled counterparts. 


2. Tail of Two Species. The vertical plane of shark tails limits their upward and downward mobility while the horizontal plane of dolphin tails allows for great agility and directional change for quick attacks. 


3. When You Mess with the Dolphin, You Get the Snout. Made of very strong and thick bone, dolphin snouts are biological battering rams. Dolphins will position themselves several yards under a shark and burst upwards jabbing their snout into the soft underbelly of the shark causing serious internal injuries.


4. More than Peas in a Pod. Sharks are solitary predators, whereas dolphins travel in groups called pods. Whenever a member of the group is in danger from a shark, the rest of the pod rushes in to defend their buddy. Dolphins have even been known to protect humans in danger of sharks.


5. Apex Prey. Orcas are the largest member of the dolphin family and have been known to hunt great white sharks when food is scarce.


6. Full-Time Orcas, Part-Time Shark Tamers. Proving a basic knowledge of shark biology. Orcas use their immensely strong tail fins to flip sharks on their back, rendering them immobile. After that, it's a docile buffet for the Orcas.


7. Baby Dolphins and Big Consequences. Sharks have a taste for anything smaller than themselves, which includes vulnerable baby dolphins. When a shark chooses to attack a baby dolphin, they also choose to be attacked by a pod of angry dolphins.


8. You Can't Spell Dolphin without PhD. Sharks vs dolphins is a classic battle of brawns vs brains. Dolphins' biggest advantage over sharks' strength is their intelligence. Using echolocation, Dolphins can quickly navigate through water to avoid or attack sharks.


9. Bite Me If You Can. Known to be stealthy hunters, sharks' best chance to take down a dolphin is when it's unaware or in a blind spot. However, if the first attempt is not successful, the dolphin can easily escape or regroup to combat the shark with the rest of the pod.


10. Faster Food. To compliment dolphins' superior intelligence is their incredible speed. They can swim faster than most shark species making them an elusive meal not worth the chase. 

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