HOLMDEL, NJ: Holmdel Funeral Home is set in the bucolic southern area of Holmdel, near the Colts Neck border, and just a couple of minutes away from the Lincroft section of Middletown. The property is impeccably landscaped, the large sitting chairs on the front porch and the solid oak double doors create a welcome feel to the home, surrounded by green fields and local small businesses. It's not unusual to see the owner's friendly family dog Stella, on the front lawn chasing her ball. 

Owners, Denise and Bill Boglioli and son Scott, along with their team, go beyond attention to detail with every aspect of service for the families they care for, including beautifully created spaces for family and friends to share time together. Holmdel Funeral Home also offers unique ways to honor the family member who passed with their new line of personalized celebration products called Life Celebration. 

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Life Celebration is a company based in Pennsylvania that Holmdel Funeral Home has partnered with to provide a wide variety of personalized products to celebrate and remember loved ones at a time when family and friends are gathering in their name. Boglioli comments, "We wanted to do more to celebrate each precious life in a way that brings some comfort and more open conversation, to the friends and family gathered here to honor their loved one. For them it is the beginning of the healing process and to be reminded of the highlights of their loved one's life and be able to take something home with them in the way of a picture collage card, or milestone brochure featuring photos of their loved one, or a recipe card with grandma's famous cheesecake, can be so meaningful. We see the smiles and even in some cases the laughter about something funny their loved one made a habit of doing, or saying. Every person has a great story to tell, and we try to identify highlights of their life story to share while most of their loved ones are gathered in our home. This is just the beginning of the grieving process, and we do our best to comfort them."

When Boglioli says, 'our home,' you can hear the care in his tone, and you get it; the Boglioli family cares for everyone they take care of and do their best to make them feel like family. The Boglioli's created a comfortable home to host loved ones to remember and celebrate the life lived. 

 "What we offer with Life Celebration is much more than a video picture loop which of course we can also provide. It begins with an intake process as we sit down with the family to ask questions to discuss details about their loved ones that they fondly remember. From the information gathered, we work with Life Celebration to create beautiful personalized keepsakes that we provide."

Offerings include among many items, guest sign-in books with special printed family photos, professionally printed tri-folds highlighting the person's special life moments over the years, calendar keepsakes featuring photos for every month... One of the favorite items is the recipe card.  The front of the recipe card can feature grandma in the kitchen baking or, maybe grandpa rolling out his famous meatballs. The other side features the family recipe, even in their own handwriting, if it exists in their recipe box at home.  "We recently had a local firefighter, and with Life Celebration we designed memory cards in the shape of a firetruck. It made a great keepsake for the fellow firefighters and all the friends and family and everyone loved it. We have a wide variety of photo flip cards." 

When Holmdel's beloved Steve "Pop" Cittadino, Jr. passed. Every family member and friend took home a special memory card featuring Pop who truly was Holmdel’s biggest fan.  Holmdel football players, cheerleaders, band and dance team members... some of whom were young children who were able to carry something home with Pop's picture on it.

It's usually difficult to say the words; "This is the most beautiful funeral home." But, it's not unusual to hear visitors saying words like that, over and over again as they enter Holmdel Funeral Home, which the Boglioli family totally redecorated in 2019. The blue colors are soothing, the furniture inviting, strategically placed to create more private conversational areas within the large rooms. Sunlight pours into the rooms and the paintings on the walls are interesting. Owner Bill Boglioli comments, "Every painting is leading somewhere that keeps going, taking you down a new path." Much like life's journey of twists and turns and different paths, also including end of earthly life and new beginnings.

Every detail, every piece of furniture and the fabrics covering them, the drapery, carpeting, the wall paper... all were carefully chosen with a specialty design team, J. Stuart Todd based in Texas, along with the Boglioli's.  The focal point piece in the main entrance room is a stunning black and gold lacquered credenza. 

Bill Boglioli commented, "I love this piece, it is really special to us because it was from a family who was our client. It had belonged to their mom when she passed, and they were looking for a home for it. We had it recently refinished when we redecorated, and it's now the focal point of the entrance room, and is a reminder for us of a family we care for."

The Boglioli's provide everything that they possibly can to make the families they serve comfortable and now Holmdel Funeral Home is officially A Life Celebration home, a place to remember and celebrate. 

You can visit Holmdel Funeral Home online here.  To arrange a personal tour you can call (732) 946-3322.

Testimonial: "Words cannot express the gratitude my family and I have for the Boglioli family. Losing my beloved wife after 53 years left me completely heartbroken and unable to think straight. From the moment my family contacted Bill Boglioli, we felt at ease knowing that my wife was in the best hands possible. Bill Boglioli is an honest, hard-working, compassionate, caring, and trustworthy person who is of the highest moral character. It is clear to see that this is NOT just a business to him, it’s a vocation or a calling from God and that Bill really cares about helping and serving his community. We would like to thank Mr. Bill Boglioli for arranging everything and more than we asked. We would also like to thank Denise, Scott, Melanie, Doreen, and the rest of the team who helped us with every need imaginable. Thank you for treating us like family during our time of grief. We will be forever grateful."
 George DeBonis