Number Your Days

I read recently that more than a million people die every single week.  Think about it.  You made it another week!  You’re better off than a million people.  You can thank God that you’re alive.
    The article also said that if you have a roof over your head, you are better off than 75% of the world’s population.  And if you have fifteen dollars to your name, you are in the top 8 percent of the world’s wealthiest people—fifteen dollars!

  Keep the right perspective.  I read a poem that said, “I am thankful of the taxes I pay each year because that means I have a job.  I am thankful for the mess I have to clean up after the party because that means friends have surrounded me.  I am thankful for the lawn that needs mowing, the windows that need cleaning, and the gutters that need repair because they mean I have a home.  I am thankful for sore muscles and for weariness at the end of the day because it all means I was able to work hard.  I am thankful for the lady behind be in church who sings off-key because that means I can hear.  And I am thankful for the alarm that goes off early in the morning because that means I’m still alive.”  It’s all in your perspective!
    Twenty years from now we will look back and remember these as the good old days.  Let me encourage you to enjoy the moment.  Make memories with those you love.  Take time for the people God has given you.  Look around at all the incredible blessings He’s placed in your life.
    Moses prayed to God: “Teach us to number our days” (Psalm 90:12).  He was saying, “God, help us to realize that every day is a gift.  Help us to deal with stress and everyday challenges while still appreciating the gift of each and every day.”
    Don’t take for granted the people God has put in your life.  They won’t always be here.  You and I will not always be here.  Yet sometimes we act and live as if we’re invincible.  But life is like a vapor.  We’re here one moment and gone the next.  I heard somebody put it like this: “We forget how fragile life is.  We wait for Thanksgiving to give thanks.  We wait for Christmas to give gifts.  We wait for Valentine’s Day to show love to those we hold dear.  We say to ourselves, Today is just an ordinary day.  So we wait, and while we wait the clock ticks.  Precious moments pass by.  But in reality there is no such thing as an ordinary day.”
    Every day is a gift, unique and irreplaceable.  Its hours may be used or misused, invested or wasted.  God, teach us to number our days.
    My prayer is that you will keep the right perspective, focusing on the good, not taking things for granted, and recognizing that every day is unique and irreplaceable.  Slow down and appreciate what God has given you.  Be thankful for the simple things, even the fact that you can scratch your own itch.  Hug your children every day.  Take time for the people you love.  Find some reason to be grateful.
    Look at what’s right, not what’s wrong.  Remember, the seeds of discouragement cannot take root in a grateful heart.  If you’ll keep the right perspective and like David continually give praise, God promises that when you praise you’ll be raised.  He’ll pour out His blessings and favor!

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Therefore, I live for today—
Certain of finding at sunrise
Guidance and strength for the way.

Power for each moment of weakness,
 Hope for each moment of pain,
   Comfort for every sorrow,
Sunshine and joy after rain!

Have a Blessed Day!
Psalm 37:4— Those who delight in the Lord, He shall grant you the desires of your heart.