Dear Parents,

We are excited to announce the second class of our new Ckids Virtual Online Hebrew School, which will take place Sunday, March 22 at 10:00 AM. The class will be available at

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The virtual Hebrew School will be divided into 3 divisions: K-2, Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-7. Please make sure to click on the division that your child is in. You will also find a link with questions for your child to fill out after the lesson. Each week we will be making a raffle and announcing the winners!

As part of the Ckids Virtual Online Hebrew School, we will be having 3 amazing competitions.

1.The Greatest Mah Nishatana!

Upload a video of yourself saying the Ma Nishtana to Facebook/Instagram/YouTube.
Use the #ckidsvhs #greatestmahnishtana
You will then be entered into a raffle for a $50 gift card!

CKids will be creating a video collage of a number of the submissions. YOU may be featured!

2. CKids Passover Challenge

Complete the 5 missions each day. 
For each completed mission, you will receive another entry into the grand raffle. 5 completed missions gets you an extra 10 tickets in the raffle. Competition begins Sunday, March 22 and concludes Wednesday, April 8.

Missions: (check boxes next to each one)
Say Modeh Ani & Shema
Giving Charity 
Practice the Mah Nishtana
Help your parents clean for Passover
Reach out to someone you don't usually talk to, to see how they're doing.

3. CKids Got Talent

With the extra time on your hands, show us what you got! Bring out your inner flame by displaying your talents. Grab a pair of scissors, some paint, and use your creativity to display what makes you a proud Jew!

K-2 Instructions: 

1.    Parents, ask your kids the following five questions:
What do you enjoy most about Passover? 
How does your family celebrate Passover? 
Why is Passover so special?
What does freedom mean?
Passover allows me to ____
2.    Collect the answers and write them on a white piece of paper.
3.    Cut the paper into strips and put them aside.
4.    Take a large piece of paper and paint/color it as a background for your project.
5.    Print a picture of your child (color/black and white) and glue it on top of the painting. 
Add the cut up strips to the page. 
6.    Upload the project to google drive and email it to

Grades 3 - 5

Choose a form of creative expression such as a poem, song, rap, essay, 3-D art, music video, or other and explain: What does freedom mean to you?
Upload your work to google drive and email it to

Grades 6 - 7
Choose a form of creative expression such as a poem, song, rap, essay, 3-D art, music video or other and explain: What does being Jewish mean to you?
Upload your work to google drive and email it to

We have created a Virtual Hebrew School fun resources page with all the prayers uploaded so that your child can pray at home together with stories, games and lots of fun things to do!  All of this can be found on our main homepage under the ‘explore our fun resources page’ tab.

Below, is a list of supplies needed for each grade. These supplies are not mandatory to participate in the class, however, we strongly encourage it so that your child will be more involved in the lesson. 


Pen & paper to write Chametz or Kosher for Passover.

Grades 3 - 5
10 cotton balls and a small bucket or bowl
The Chametz & Matzah Signs (printed)
The thumbs up and thumbs down signs (printed and cut)

Grades 6 - 7
15-20 popsicle sticks
2 water bottles
2 balloons
1 cup of flour 
1 packet of yeast 
Matzah (for snack)

Matzah Bakery supplies for ALL grades 
2/3 cup water 
1 1/2 cups flour
Rolling pin 
Parental Supervision 

Your child is joined by tens of thousands of children from around the world participating in this virtual Hebrew School. We hope that through the power of prayer and Torah learning of children, we will annul the decree and be able to go back to learning regularly in our Hebrew Schools.