Sensing a Vast Unity 

As I stand in my own small space of the planet

reveling in the power and beauty of the heavens, 

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I feel a great unity with all beings.

I know that somewhere there is a herdsman

in the Sahara Desert who is also gazing

at the stars of our common universe.

I know there is a lamb in New Zealand

romping in sunlight that also bathes my skin.

I know there is a woman in India

who is going to sleep under the same moon I am. 

I know there is a cactus blooming in Mexico 

under the same sky as mine.

I know that all of us are drinking in the wind

and living under the beauty of the heavens.

I know that all of this is a dance of oneness

amid the bounty of the skies, and I am grateful. 

(Originally published in The Cosmic Dance)

A Blessing for Christmas 

Let the Star of Hope blaze through discouragement, 

doubt, and disgruntledness. 

Let the Star of Kindness radiate through 

what you think, feel, and do today. 

Let the Star of Remembrance glitter in thoughts 

of good people and good deeds. 

Let the Star of Laughter sparkle in your eyes 

and in your smile. 

Let the Star of Joy dance in the corners 

of your heart that have forgotten to sing. 

Let the Star of Patience permeate

that which you find difficult and irritable. 

Let the Star of Love encompass your heart,

a ray of welcome for everyone you meet.

(Originally published in Out of the Ordinary)

The above writings of Joyce Rupp are published with the permission of Joyce Rupp directly.