Tommy turkey and his family wanted to see a movie.
They couldn’t decide on what they wanted to watch.
Dad turkey wanted to see “Men in Brown.”
Mom turkey wanted to watch “Fifty Shades of Orange.”
Tina turkey wanted to see the “Princess Turkey Diary.” 
Tank turkey wanted to see “Power Turkey Rangers.”
Grandma and grampa turkey wanted to watch the “Gobble Bunch.” 
Now Tommy was puzzled.
Then Tommy had a big idea.
The family should vote on what movie to see.
And so Dad got a hat and everyone voted . 
“How many for Grandma suggesting?” Gobbled dad.
They were 2 wings up.
“How many for Mom suggesting?”
There was 1 wing up.
It was turning into a big democracy.
Until Tina wanted to see her movie.
“I guess Tina turkey wins.”
And Tina got to pick her movie.
Tank was disappointed by his sister’s decision. 
Mom suggested that Tommy should think about the movie.
So, they went to the Cinema.
The ticket rabbit handed the family 5 tickets.
They got popcorn and bird soda.
And off to theater 7.
The usher cow showed them to their seats.
The movie started.
The lights in the theater dimmed and the movie got started.

The turkeys started to enjoy the Princess Turkey Diaries 
Tina laughed when the turkey princess was laying her egg.
Mom was gobbling when the baby pulp was hatched.


Ethan Josephson is a student at Holmdel High School, and is currently an intern for TAPinto Holmdel and Colts Neck.