An Aging Veteran's Prayer

America, I loved you in my youth, with all my heart and soul...And I still believe in what you stand for, now that I have grown gray and old.

We live in a republic where freedom of speech, justice, liberty and equality for all are the mortar, brick, foundation and cornerstone of our great democracy.

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Precious guidlines and undeniable truths that our founding fathers weaved and express so eloquently in the U.S.Constitution - principles to strive for and live by not just for the present moment, but for a lifetime. Every second, minute, hour and day of each and every passing year.

Our past and present veterans' blood was shed and flesh was torn on foreign battle fields in defense of these shining truths and principles so others should remain free.

So please keep us vets in your heartfelt thoughts and prayers, for we are growing old, you see.

Liberty and freedom comes at a high cost and is never really free. For without the sacrifice of our brave Armed Forces there would be no liberty.

So, always remember the ones who fell in combat and the aging veterans who still remain....and when you meet and greet them tell them their heroic efforts in defense of freedom and liberty were not fought in vain.