The Millburn School District has long been rated as one of the best in the state.  To keep it that way, however, we must not become complacent and rest on our laurels. Rather, we must continually strive to inject fresh ideas and innovative concepts that benefit our students, our teachers and the community.

Such an opportunity presents itself in less than two weeks when residents vote to select members of the Millburn Board of Education. One candidate in particular stands out from the others – Elliot Cahn, an educator with 21 years of teaching experience who knows what needs to be done.  He deserves your vote and your support.

Elliot, a good friend of mine, can bring a wealth of teaching and administrative experience to the Board.  He knows how to expand leadership, grow deep connections in place, develop skills in education transition and support new forms of assessment and alternative credentialing. He is capable of leveraging technologies and human capital in new ways, supports “anytime/ anywhere” learning, and can involve a diverse range of institutions and organizations, not just schools, in the education process.

Elliot knows how districts can best target spending where it counts -- in the classroom and on measurably effective teacher professional development.  If we want the Millburn School District to remain among the state’s best, cast your vote for him on Nov 6th.