With changing technology, those photos and videos sitting in your drawer are not just gathering dust. They’re disintegrating, losing their color and becoming fragile.

Fortunately it’s easy to preserve the memories by converting them to high quality Platinum Archival DVD. The DVD allows you to select for scene (did your video let you do that?), and add themes and music. Keep a copy at home, give copies to the kids and parents, and keep one in the safety deposit box. Custom DVD covers and inserts let you make them even more personal.

Preserving your memories is as easy as dropping off your photos and videos at Home Video Studio in Westfield. Owner Dan Weiniger has the technology to scan photos and convert any format video into an archival DVD. He will ask the right questions, so you get exactly what you want back on DVD. And it’s on time and on budget.

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Not sure what to save? Start off with the most important videos. Maybe it’s the kids’ birthday parties, your wedding, or the home movies passed down from the great-grandparents. Don’t forget the videos stored on your phone, computer, camera and even memory cards/flash drives. Dan can include just the edited material, all footage, or multiple versions. Once you see how easy it is and how great the results are, you might just bring by all your boxes of tapes and photos!

Organizing and Storing your Videos

As you prepare to bring your videos over, think about the descriptive titles you might give them. Do you want the videos edited, or just a direct transfer of all material? Do you want the videos to have customized labels and inserts? How many copies will you want?

After getting the Platinum Archival DVD, you may consider also storing these videos on your computer. First create a directory and give the videos descriptive file names when you save them on the computer. Try tagging the videos with the names of people in them.

Computer storage is great, but a back-up system is important too. Be sure to copy the videos onto a separate disk drive, and even into cloud storage. Don’t forget to check yearly that the online and computerized videos still open and work, and convert them to any new media created going forward.

Home Video Studio can be reached at (908) 301-9300 or by email at dan.w@homevideostudio.com.