MILLBURN, NJ — In an annual list ranking the Best High School Teachers in New Jersey, ranked Millburn High School as the best in the state. In 2015, 5,886 public high schools were ranked based on key teaching statistics and nearly 920,000 teacher ratings from 240,000 students and parents.

According to the method behind the ranking, Millburn's high ranking  indicates that its teachers are intelligent and engaging, that the school is invested in its teachers, that it also provides a good educational environment and that both students and parents rate the local teachers favorably.

Nearby Livingston Senior High School was ranked second in the state, only slightly lower on parent and student surveys on teachers.

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Some of the factors included in the ranking included survey responses,’s previous academics grades, average teacher salary, teacher absenteeism, teachers in their first or second year of teaching and student-teacher ratio. Information and data were gathered from, the National Center for Education Statistics, the Civil Rights Data Collection and 919,426 opinion-based surveys.

“With clean and comparable data, we then assigned weights for each factor,” the methodology stated. “The goal of the weighting process was to ensure that no one factor could have a dramatic positive or negative impact on a particular school's final score and that each school's final score was a fair representation of the school's performance.” 

A high ranking for teachers indicates that students are happy with their education, that the school has cultivated a supportive environment for teaching and learning and that teachers are invested in their students. 

However, Niche wanted to draw some emphasis away from numerical rankings. 

"While our ranking shows the top high schools, we use grades to provide the user some context to those rankings and also to provide insight into schools that did not make the top school list,” the methodology stated. “It’s important to focus on more than just the number in the ranking.”

Grades were assigned based on each New Jersey school's performance compared to the other schools in the ranking. Millburn and Livingston High Schools earned an A+, while West Essex High School earned an A and West Orange High School earned a B. 

Millburn Senior High School is a public school in Millburn Township, New Jersey. It has 1,522 students in grades 9-12. According to state standards, 98% of students at this school are considered proficient in math and/or reading. There have been 105 reviews written and they have been mostly positive. A senior stated "teachers are great in this school. They try to be approachable and are understanding. They try to engage the class often trying new techniques. The only down side is that there is sometimes a lack of communication between the different teachers all over the school. This sometimes causes clashes in due dates, as in a lot of work will be due on the same day for different classes."