Education is the greatest gift of all for our children.  It is truly the gift that keeps on giving and that is why we all have come here to Millburn – to share in its decades-long tradition of superior education.

Millburn distinctiveness is in its community of talented, dedicated and highly educated and aspirational families. Every parent in Millburn wants their kids to do much better than they did themselves and has sacrificed to be here. The community willingly supports education through its endeavors and taxes, and the expectations are high.  And that is why I am running for the BOE, because I too have high expectations from our schools.

Working in the Wireless Industry & teaching in a University has given me a unique perspective on where are the gaps in K-12 education that must be addressed in order to ensure college-readiness and career readiness. This leads to my focus on Strong curriculum, effective instruction & timely teacher training. I bring a solid Technology & Engineering background that will be needed to provide a vision for the future of curriculum in K-12 schools. I bring the future curriculum vision to the board.

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Our teachers are our biggest asset, who shape the thinking of our students. Investing in our teachers is the best investment we can ever make. Our kids will not be known by the buildings they went to but by the teachers who taught them. Hence, I strongly believe in Curriculum over building beautification. If we needed to make a trade-off between teacher led Foreign language in Elementary Schools program versus building enhancements- it's a no brainer to me that Curriculum should not be sacrificed to a nice to have building upgrades. I’ll be the strongest supporter of students and teachers.

The role of the Board of Education members is to act as fiduciaries to the constituents. They are responsible to open a two-way communication channel between the Administration and the community. I bring strong communications skills both written and oral that are needed on the Board for effectively communicating it's policies both to the Administrators and to the community at large through open dialogue & respectful discussions. I bring accountability & transparency to the board.

As a mother of two children, I care for all the kids & families in our community. The goal of the BOE is to provide the best possible education to every child in this community irrespective of their race, religion, gender, color, disabilities or socio economic standard. I bring my compassion to the board.

I understand the responsibilities as a Board member towards all constituents whether they have children in the school district or not. I believe we can still deliver outstanding educational experience for all our children and still have a leaner budget. We need to look for creative solutions and I bring my problem solving skills to the board.

I would be honored to serve our great community as a Board of education member.

Editor's Note:  This statement was originally submitted on 10/21/14 as we learned today from Dr. Sharma.  We apologize to her for our mistake in not publishing it when it was originally submitted.