SHORT HILLS, NJ – Short Hills resident Dilys So organized an evening of Chinese Culture at the Greenwood Gardens in Short Hills. She wanted to share her love of her ancestral culture with the Millburn/Short Hills community. With the support of the historic Greenwood Gardens, this became a reality.

The evening was filled with food, tea and entertainment. Fanyyu Wang displayed the calligraphy of PHOENIX, a rendered brushwork of the legendary bird, musical performances THE SONG OF YANBIAN and  LIU YANG RIVER performed by Millburn Township students Victoria and Vincent Wong and two traditional dances performed by the Ancient Rhythm Eclectic Flux Dance Hub. Attendees also enjoyed a Tai Chi demonstration performed by Short Hills residents Fengming Zhong, Grace he, Na Li and Jia Fang.

Elizabeth Johnson, Executive Director of Greenwood Gardens, and founder Peter P. Blanchard III welcomed and opened the evening’s affair.

Imported Chinese teas were offered to everyone along with a Chinese tea ceremony, provided by FengXio Liu, proprietor of Sinofilia Tea Shop of Boonton, NJ.