MILLBURN, NJ - Millburn Township issued a constuction update for the work on Millburn Avenue and Douglas Street. 

Construction Update

Monday August 28 was the anticipated start date of construction on the intersection of Millburn Avenue and Douglas Street. The contractor is mobilizing from another job site, resulting in a delay to the start date. Construction will start no earlier than Wednesday September 7.

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The Township and the contractor will take external factors into consideration, such as the opening of school, as construction proceeds. We appreciate your patience, and will continue to post more information as it becomes available.

Project Description

Construction is slated to begin in August at the corner of Douglas Street and Millburn Avenue, as approved by the Township Committee. This will conclude construction associated with Phase One of Complete Streets that was publicly bid in Spring 2016. The scope of work is detailed in the Option B diagram below. Work will include increasing the pedestrian refuge island to accommodate shorter crossing distances, shifting the curb on Douglas Street 2.5 feet to accommodate an ADA-compliant curb ramp, and adjustments made to the corner of Millburn Avenue and Spring Street for additional turn maneuverability to facilitate movement to the new Washington School. 

Construction Update: August 24th

Work to complete the final portion of Phase One will begin on or about Monday August 28th. Construction will begin on the south side of Millburn Avenue and move west toward the intersection of Douglas Street. This work will include demolition, pouring new curb, lighting and sidewalk replacement. This portion of the project will take one week to complete. Pedestrian traffic week will be diverted to the north side of Millburn Avenue with proper signage to direct pedestrians to cross prior to the work zone.

The north side of Millburn Avenue from President’s Club to Wells Fargo will be constructed during the week of September 5th. This work will consist of demolition, pouring new curb, lighting, planters and sidewalk replacement. Pedestrians will be directed to the south side of Millburn Avenue prior to the work zone with proper signage. Work will be completed in the currently-existing shoulder with no roadway impact.

The third and fourth weeks of construction will focus on the pedestrian island/downtown entrance feature. Work will move from west to east across the intersection with curbing and sidewalk installation being completed on the corner of Wells Fargo. Pedestrian access will remain on the south side of Millburn Ave during this work. Finishing work within the pedestrian island will take place once the curbing is formed.

Crossing Distances Before and After Construction

Crosswalk Location Current Crossing Distance New Crossing Distance
Western Crosswalk Across Douglas St. 35 Feet 20 Feet
EasternCrosswalk Across Douglas St. 29 Feet 25 Feet
Crosswalk Across Millburn Ave. 45 Feet 20 Feet

Residents and Businesses being directly impacted have also been notified via a hand delivered mailer from Bodwell Terrace to Spring Street. There are no planned lane closures. While work is conducted on the south side of Millburn Avenue there may be a lane shift, however through traffic will remain as it is today. The contractor is aware that school begins on September 5th and will be sensitive to any in-street work, movements and deliveries so these are conducted between to the hours of 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Bowman Consulting and the Township’s Engineering Department will be on site each day at varying times to oversee the work.

Residents whose driveways are not accessible will be able to use Lot 19. Overnight parking in Lot 19 or on side streets will be allowed for residents. Residents can call the Police non-emergency number (973-564-7001) for overnight parking. During construction remote business parking permits will also be allowed to park in Lot 6.

Police will be present on the job site to ensure safe pedestrian access to the area and maintain traffic flow. All work is weather dependent.

Additional Information

Information regarding additional 2 ft of curb on the north side of Millburn Avenue between Spring St. and Douglas St.: 

Arterial, L.L.C. has provided the following information regarding the 2 ft. curb addition, included in the work directive for the final piece of Phase 1 currently under contract, on the north side of Millburn Avenue between Douglas Street and Spring Street.

Street Trees

Street trees in 4 ft. planting beds can be provided along the proposed curbline while maintaining a 5.5 ft. sidewalk. If the curbs remain at their current width, the trees slated for planting would need to be eliminated from the project.


If the current curb is left in place, the inlet in front of Gotham would require relocation and reconstruction.


There are several driveways located along the northern side. The additional 2 ft. allows for properly-sloped driveway aprons and a 4 ft. clear zone to make this area ADA-compliant.

*The goal of the Option B compromise is to allow the Township the flexibility to return to 2 lanes of traffic, if desired in the future. The additional 2 feet on the north side curb line and 38 foot curb to curb width of the designed roadway would allow for that flexibility.