MILLBURN, NJ – Residents of Township of Millburn came out to cast their votes in a hotly contested Township Committee race on Tuesday. Dianne Eglow and Samuel Levy emerged victorious with 4,434 votes and 4,388 respectively.

As each district results were tallied at Town Hall, it was apparent the community was voting for a change. "It has been an honor to serve the community for the last six years. I will remain an advocate for getting Complete Streets done in my time remaining and as a private citizen," said Mayor Ted Bourke "I thank all those who have supported Ian and I during our time and during the election. And we move on - instead of focusing on lowering our property taxes, I will focus on lowering my handicap."

The Complete Streets project was a principal issue during the campaign, particularly in the final days leading up to the election. Eglow and Levy called for a pause and review of the project while Ted Bourke and Ian Mount urged patience and looked to focus the voters on the value of the end result.

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Township Committee member-elect Samuel Levy said of the election “First, it is important to thank and recognize Ted and Ian for their dedicated and distinguished service to Millburn. Thank you to voters for their confidence in my prior Board of Education experience and in my joining the Township Committee. I look forward to honoring the trust Millburn-Short Hills voters placed in me, and I look forward to working with all TC members in governing and listening to the community.”

Dianne Eglow, top vote getter of the committee election, commented, "I want to thank the residents of Millburn Township for their support in electing Sam Levy and myself for Township Committee. I look forward to working with the other Township Committee members. I would like to thank Ted and Ian for a hard fought campaign and their years of service to the community."

"It's been an honor and a privilege to serve our township. We have the finest business administrator, staff, police, fire department, DPW and administrative personnel, and I'm proud to have had the opportunity to work alongside them," said deputy mayor Ian Mount. "I'm grateful to all those who supported Ted and me - their dedication to our community is amazing. I look forward to completing my term productively, and to remaining active as a resident, parent and supporter of Millburn Township.."

The Township of Millburn also voted for the three uncontested board of education seats. Emily Jaffe, the BOE's current vice president, garnered the highest amount of votes, 4,704. Current BOE president Michael King won with 4,242 votes and newcomer Jennifer Woodhouse-Thielen with 4,181.