It would be impossible to evaluate Dianne Thall-Eglow’s three years on the Millburn Township Committee without taking into account her most significant contribution – hatching of the Town’s new Chicken Ordinance and relentlessly mother-henning it through to adoption. Evidently, Ms. Eglow was convinced that Millburn had a soaring chicken population. However, to date, not a single chicken has been registered – largely because chickens in Millburn are as rare as hen’s teeth. The passage of Ms. Thall-Eglow’s Chicken Ordinance represents wasted time and resources, and a diversion from more critical issues affecting Millburn/Short Hills. 

While Thall-Eglow actively worked to turn our town into a chick magnet, the Township Committee eggnored hard-boiled issues such as road-clogging traffic, maintaining our neighborhoods’ standards and home values, and taming of our out-of-control taxes –actual important issues affecting every non-feathered resident.

Ms. Thall-Eglow’s “KEEPING OF CHICKENS” Ordinance 5-10, with flaky provisions such as “Shall keep no rooster” and “Shall not slaughter any chickens,” should be her last impractical addition to Millburn’s Town Code. Her scrambled and irrelevant priorities are out of step with what Millburnites deserve and need. She may be welcomed to rule the roost in Little Egg Harbor, NJ or Two Eggs, FL or even in Chicken, AK – but in Millburn, the yolk has been on us.

On November 5th, vote for Agnes Sym and Sharon Strickland for Millburn Township Committee – two candidates who will make smart and sensible decisions that will actually impact and improve our town’s future.