SHORT HILLS, NJ - Dr. Nancy Polow, the Director of Suburban Speech Center in Short Hills, received the 2014 Distinguished Professional Service Award from The New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NJSHA) at their annual convention on Thursday, May 1.  This award recognizes Dr. Polow’s commitment to her profession and excellence in the areas of academic, research, therapeutic and administrative services.

“I am very proud to receive this award,” Dr.Polow said. “The state association is terrific and it really meant a lot to me that they thought enough to nominate me and give me this award.”

Recently, Dr. Polow turned her vision for a center that could offer more comprehensive services into reality when she invited top pediatric practitioners to open offices at her Short Hills location, making 748 Morris Turnpike an “Under One Roof” center for children.

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“I had this idea about three years ago, when I saw that we were meeting children with more than speech and language needs,” Dr. Polow said.  “Some needed learning help, with reading or math.  Some needed behavioral or occupational therapy.  I called upon the pediatric specialists that I knew and had personal experience with over the past 35 years, and asked them to join me in my physical location.  Now we have a whole team approach with Kids Under One Roof.  We have a psychologist, an occupational therapist, a behavioral therapist and a learning consultant.”

Her NJSHA colleagues previously recognized Dr. Polow when they awarded her “The Outstanding Clinical Achievement Award” and the “Honors of the Association” award. Dr. Polow has served as an adjunct professor at three colleges and universities including Miami Dade College in Florida, Seton Hall University and William Paterson University in New Jersey.

“This is my passion,” Dr. Polow said. “My staff is wonderful.  This is really the age of specialization.  You want an expert, so we have brought together this team, because many times children have more than one area they are working on.  I live for this.  I love it and we do wonderful things.”